It’s nice to be back in the sort of swing of things.  Last week I promised three beers and today I shall deliver more than that.  Let’s get right to it shall we?
wernesgruner pils
Up first we have Wernesgruner Pils.  As most of you know, I do enjoy my German beer and it’s not because ich sprechen ein bischen Deutsch, but because the Germans simply make quality beer.  Last year we even had a remote counterpart over there providing reviews, and said remote counterpart (Winthrop) provided this beer.  He picked up a six pack of this at Aldi for extremely cheap.  I don’t remember how much he actually said it was, but I remember the price being very low.  I checked online and saw it as low as $6.50 for a six pack which is solid.  Price is important people!  As far as taste goes, it tastes like your typical German pilsner.  You can’t tell from the pic above, but it poured a very nice frothy head that disappeared rather quickly.  It reminded me a bit of Almaza which I just realized I’ve never reviewed here.  Will get that up at some point.  It’s just good.  At 4.9% ABV and 100 degrees outside, make sure it’s cold and enjoy some refreshment.  ***.75
new belgium dayblazer
Up next is New Belgium’s Dayblazer.  With the heat out I’ve been drinking quite a bit of Citradelic, plus Ibotta is doing cash back fro New Belgium beer at the moment, so why not?  I actually ran out of Citradelics while at Mom and Dad’s last time we were in Aiken which is what led to this.  Dad had to run to the store to get charcoal so I asked him to pick up some Citradelic.  Unfortunately the Food Lion (#foodtiger) didn’t have it (shocking) so I asked him to pick up this.  It’s easy drinking at 4.8% but what got me was the price.  Unlike the German beer above, this beer is over $9 for a six pack.  If you’re thinking about picking this up, move along.  Nothing wrong with the taste, but for what you’re paying just drink a Budweiser.  **.75
breakside brewery rainbows and unicorns ipa
Up next we have Breakside Brewery’s Rainbows and Unicorns.  This is a beer Graham made me aware of several weeks ago at the Alley Taproom in Aiken and I’m glad he did.  Kendall and I stopped in the last time we were in town for a quick beer and I immediately went over to it to pour mine.  While drinking it, I also managed to absolutely wipe Kendall out in Connect 4.  I think I won 7 games to her 2 and several games she never even stood a chance.  She’s going to be very displeased when she reads that, but it’s true.  Prior to this beer, I had never heard of Breakside before, but they’re over on the left coast in Portland, Oregon.  It has a tropical smell to it and a bready taste with a slight hop kick in there.  It’s pretty much your textbook session IPA, maybe a little lighter than most.  I don’t understand the name of it or why they put breakfast cereal in the description, but I do understand the taste and it makes me want another one.  Well done!  ****
revelry hotel renezvous
Next up to the bar is Revelry’s Hotel Rendezous Bavarian Wheat.  Kendall and I recently made a trip down to Charleston to go visit Will, Amy, and their sweet sugar cube Louisa Penn (she’s adorable).  We were able to stay at my cousin Wylie’s downtown loft which ended up being an ideal location for doing virtually anything in Charleston.  Eleve, which is the Grand Bohemian’s rooftop bar, is right next door and we stopped in for a beverage before dinner on Friday night.  I was a little disappointed in the beer selection at the bar, because outside of this and White Thai, all of the other beers on tap were either big brewers or out of state crafts.  With all that is going on in the brewery scene in Charleston I would think they could feature a few more locals (Frothy, Fatty’s, Charles Towne Fermentory, etc).  Anyway, all that being said, there wasn’t much to be said about this one.  It was fine.  Carbonated, tastes of yeast and clove, maybe some banana(?), but a standard Bavarian Wheat.  ***.25

That will wrap up today’s post.  While we were in Charleston we stopped in to Fatty’s and I will have a post on that up a little later in the week.  I also picked up a growler of Kona’s Hanalei Island IPA at the new Casual Pint down the street from us here in Lexington I’ll review as well.



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