A Great Disturbance in my Beer

If you’ve read any number of posts on this blog, you’ll know that I am a huge Star Wars nerd.  Next week there is a rumor going around that a new trailer for VIII will be released so you can bet your beer glass that I’ll be glued to the internet to see if it happens.  Kendall and I went and saw VII and Rogue One on opening night and will do the same for VIII.  So I’m naturally a sucker for Star Wars merchandise.  We actually have four toy lightsabers.  We got two of them several years ago when we realized having them, drinking a beer or three, and hitting each other in the front yard was less expensive than the fencing lessons we were taking.  I have Obi-Wan’s and she has Luke’s.  Then as VII was preparing to hit theaters, on Thanksgiving we picked up two of Kylo Ren’s because we felt like it.
So when I saw Revelry’s Red Five Standing By Flander’s Red Ale I had to pick it up in advance of Rogue One (I’ve been sitting on this post for awhile).  I held it until we got home from Rogue One and opened it as a celebration of another quality Star Wars movie.  Now let me make a couple of points here….I had no idea what a Flanders Ale was (it’s a sour), I hate sours, and Revelry makes good beer.  All I saw was Red Ale and I thought it would be something like River Rat’s Broad River Red.  Well, I was wrong.  I had hints that I’d be wrong as I poured it and noticed the heavy carbonation, and then as I smelled it I knew I was in trouble.  It was sour and so I hated it.  It tasted like expired Cheerwine.  I was livid.  Had I done my homework and known what a Flanders Ale was I would have never put myself in the predicament.  But I’m such a mark for Star Wars I ignored it.  I mean I’ve even talked on here about how Disney needs to start doing Star Wars craft beers.  So that’s on me.  Now, let’s talk about the packaging and correct a few things here.  First, that’s not Red 5 on the bottle.  If you know anything about Star Wars, you’d know that Red 5 is in fact Luke Skywalker.  So we’re taking away a star for that.  The man you see on the bottle appears to be Red Leader.  I’m going to give them a star for clever marketing, but the Force is not strong with this one. *.25
golden road hollywood blondie
Speaking of sours let’s continue that theme here.  I picked this Golden Road Hollywood Blondie at the Beverage Outlet down on North Lake a couple of weeks ago.  It’s hot and I’ve been trying to keep my focus on hot weather beers at the moment and this one stood out.  Good looking can and I do love peaches so why not?  Well, sour, that’s why.  This isn’t like Red 5 above where I didn’t know what I was getting into with the Flanders Ale.  The can says Belgian Ale but it tastes like a sour.  I poured it out after a couple of sips and forcing Kendall to try it.  **.25
sierra nevada otra vez
And we’ll continue our treck of sour beers.  First, my apologies on this awful pic, I’m usually a pretty decent photographer but for whatever reason I lost it here.  Up next is Sierra Nevada’s Otra Vez.  I didn’t get hoodwinked on this one either, I was talking to the manager at the Beverage Outlet about sours and he suggested this one is a good starting point.  And I agree with him.  I still don’t like it, but I do agree with him.  It’s not like eating a Sour Patch (which I love) and you can taste a little beer in it.  It’s prickly on the tongue and very carbonated, but of all the sours I’ve tried this one is the best.  **.75

If you like sours, you’re probably going to enjoy all of these.  I checked Beer Advocate and they’re all pretty highly rated so if sour is your thing maybe try one of these.

I picked up a few new beers on Friday at Craft and Draft, where we met Anne and Benjamin to have a birthday happy hour for Kendall.  I also picked up a six pack of Summer Solstice, the 32/50 Kolsch, and a four pack of Wicked Weed’s Pernicious IPA at Beverage Outlet.  The mix pack contains the following:

  1.  Alltech Brewing Kentucky Vanilla Barrel Cream Ale
  2.  Frog Level Brewing Kernel Husky Wheat
  3.  French Broad Gateway Kolsch
  4.  Boulevard Brewing American Kolsch
  5.  Catawba Astral Bootie Beer IPA

I’ll have some thoughts next time on Wicked Weed’s recent sale as well.  Before I type them out I want to try the product in a bottle and I’ll review a few of the above brews.  Until then,



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