Tropicalia – The Best Beer Ever

creature comforts tropicalia
Two weeks and two posts, we’re getting back into the swig of things (I actually meant swig, not swing you grammar police).  I was going to make this post about a beer I detest on more levels than you can imagine because you wonderful readers love it when I dislike something, but that will be our next post.  A discussion that took place on The Big Spur made me change my mind.  The post on TBS was about sour beers (hate em) but someone mentioned Creature Comforts Athena (will try b/c Creature Comforts rocks) and I brought up how much I love Tropicalia.  If you’ll recall from last week’s post I mentioned my new favorite beer on earth.  Well, here it is.  I give you Tropicalia.

You can’t really tell because it’s in a koozie, but in that picture above, I am enjoying a Tropicalia with my man Benjamin (who looks like the Lexington Blowfish in this pic) at the Aiken Steeplechase.
lexington blowfish
Creature Comforts is a brewery out of Athens, GA and Tropicalia is their claim to fame.  It currently holds a “World Class” rating of 96 on Beer Advocate and I will go ahead and rate it as the first ever ****** beer here on Pick Six.  Creature’s website calls it a balanced, soft, and juicy IPA and let me tell you something, that’s playing down just how amazing it is.  It has the most tantalizing aroma #florallynotes but the hops and the malts balance each other so perfectly it energizes the taste buds.  My mouth is watering just typing this review.  As you lift the glass and the scent floods you with anticipation, that first sip will literally knock your socks off.  Not in a heavy beer kind of way.  The citrus flavor hits you first, followed in perfect order by a bite of hops.  Just a bite though, this isn’t your bitter IPA.  This is the very definition of smooth and juicy.  If you’re in Athens for any reason whatsoever you must try this beer.  And bring me some.  And by some I mean all of it.
creature comforts tropicalia stock
I don’t have any other photos of me drinking it, so the stock picture above will have to do.  I first had this beer at the Ritz Carlton on Lake Oconee back in March of 2015 at my Aunt Patti’s birthday party.  We were early and had dinner with Mom and Dad before the party started at the hotel and when I asked what kind of beers they had, the waiter didn’t even go through the list….he just told me they had Tropicalia.  I asked him what it was and he told me it was an IPA and didn’t even suggest I try it.  He pretty much insisted that I try it and told me if I didn’t like it he would pay for it.  He didn’t have to pay for it and we left him a nice tip for that suggestion.  The rest of the weekend I spent drinking Tropicalia at the resort and have been pining for it every since.  Fortunately for the Steeplechase earlier this year, Patti picked up my cousin Abby at UGA and brought me a 12 pack of it for the races.  It’s so good, as you can see from the picture, even Benjamin wanted a sip!

The problem with Tropicalia is I can’t find it anywhere.  There are a few articles here and there that outline why you can’t find it anywhere.  The guy that owns Sam’s on 378 here in Lexington told me that due to some SC and GA distribution laws it is hard to get GA beers in SC that aren’t the big dogs like Sweetwater or Terrapin.  It sucks to hear that, but SC has come a long way in the craft beer world and I’m confident that trend will continue upwards.  Plus soon being right across the river I’ll hopefully be able to find some in Augusta.  If not, then fortunately I have two cousins at UGA that will be required to bring me some when they come visit SC.

I’ve written previously about how Dale’s Pale Ale and Sierra Nevada Pale Ale are my two favorite crafts and I still love the hell out of them.  They’re just now two of my three favorite crafts behind Tropicalia.

That covers today’s topic.  I was going to add a few reviews but this beer deserves its own post it’s so good.  Next time I’ll bring the hate since it was nothing but love today.



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