Franklin, where have you been?  Why isn’t Kendall blogging?  It’s been awhile I know but between moving, building a house, checking up on said house, coaching my first AAU season of basketball, writing resumes, and my normal job something had to be put on the backburner.  For that you have my deepest apologies and know that I’m back until I’m not back again.  Right.  We have lots to catch up on.  I have a few posts in que for the next week (#planning)….today’s post about the beers I’ve been drinking around the pool, one on a specialty beer from back in December, and one on the greatest beer on the planet.
coast kolsch with benjamin
Up first a few of the ones that we have previously reviewed here on Pick 6 but have made their way into the rotation.  First is Coast’s Kolsch.  It’s wonderful.  Click that link and read the previous review, but it’s a little ironic that we reviewed it the week Benjamin was born and now look at him w/ Very Special Aunt K….he loves him some K(olsch)!
bells oberon plus book.jpg
The next one is Bell’s Oberon.  Follow that review Kendall wrote last year for the review, I stalked the stores for this last month and finally found it at Sam’s in Lexington off of 378.  Oh yeah….a bit of backstory on the whole pool thing.  As most of you know we are building a house in Aiken.  Thanks to an outstanding Real Estate Agent, Elizabeth Ross, we sold our house in seven days which was awesome.  We even got to rent it back from the new owner for a couple of months to minimize the transition time, but eventually had to move on out.  Fortunately, I have an awesome father-in-law who has welcomed us in to his condo on the lake.  Yep, we are currently living on the lake and it does have a pool that we use quite frequently, hence my search for great pool beers!
kona big wave
Up first we have Kona Big Wave.  And yes, I realize that pic is not by the pool, however, my juice loving nephew can’t help himself and likes to be on El Jefe’s blog!  I rated this beer ***.75 last year on Untappd, but I obviously was not drinking it by the pool!  It has a nice “Hawaiian” scent to it.  When I think of Hawaii this is what I think it probably smells like.  A little pineapple with some malt in the background, maybe a little mango?  And the taste is just subtle enough to say hello as you’re drinking it.  Very slammable at 4.4% ABV on a hot summer day, so I’m upgrading the rating to ****.
cigar city tampa lager
Up next we have Cigar City’s Tampa Style Lager.  As I type this I’m drinking Cigar City’s rather unremarkable Pale Ale (look for rating on Untappd, I’m still rating as I go) and it made me think a little harder on this one.  I didn’t actually enjoy this at first, but the more I drank of it the more I realized the slogan on the front of the can said it all.  “Made for Drinkin.”  And that’s what it is.  It’s a light lager made for drinkin and there is nothing wrong with that.  4.5% ABV means you can have several of them b/c laying by the pool in SC makes you sweat quite a bit so stay hydrated by drinkin.  ***.5
hilton head brewing tropical lager
Now we have what I call a “really good beach beer.”  Which also means it’s a really good pool beer.  I picked this guy up in Savannah on our way to St. Simons and thoroughly enjoyed it while Kendall and I were sitting by the pool staring at the beach this past weekend.  Our 9th(!) anniversary is tomorrow so we decided we would celebrate it last weekend and drink some beer by a pool by a beach.  Right after I finished this Ranger Rick, one of the resort guys, came by and made me take my cooler back to our room, but despite his hawkishness regarding pool rules (it wasn’t a problem the previous 2 days) this beer rocked.  I found it similar to the Kona Big Wave above, tropical, a little fruity on the nose, but slammable and enjoyable with just a hint of flavor.  A wee bit heavier on the booze at 4.8% haha I’m just kidding on the heavier part.  Go grab one or four and go sit by the pool and enjoy.  ****.25
goodwood louisville lager
Now for the most slammable of the pool beers so far, Goodwood’s Louisville Lager.  I had never heard of this one before, neither the beer nor the brewery, but I’m glad to have discovered it.  This one checks in at 4.2% which leads me to call it a “lake beer with flavor” which also translates well to a pool beer because water.  I know some beer snobs like to say lagers are just water with flavor but you know what?  I like flavored water as long as there is alcohol in it.  There is also white ash in this one which is also apparently an ingredient in baseball bats (#themoreyouknow).  You can taste a hint of wood at the end and it finishes dry, probably because wood is dry, but it reminded me a bit of a pilsner.  Either way, I enjoyed it on the boat and will likely enjoy it again on a float.****

That wraps up our pool beers that we’ve sampled over the last few weeks.  I’m anxious for some suggestions.  I’m stalking Sam’s and Harvard’s for Anderson Valley’s Summer Solstice and Blowing Rock’s Summer Ale and will hopefully see them soon.  The guy at Sam’s said he wouldn’t stock Blowing Rock anymore but the guy at Harvard’s is having his rehearsal dinner there so I feel good about my chances with that.  I’ll be back, I promise, shorter than six months from now to talk about a beer that ticked me off in more ways than one.



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