Happy Thanksgiving Pick Sixers!  Today is my favorite holiday of the year.  Fried turkey, smoked turkey, ham, dressing, grilled oysters, broccoli casserole, oyster pie, pumpkin pie, and my huge, wonderful, and usually somewhat intoxicated family.  We’ll talk Carolina/Clemson, Georgia football, watch the Skins/Cowboys, probably argue about Trump, and pass the babies around like a hot potato, and probably hit some golf balls to snake island at the Outing Club.  A fire will be lit, probably by Kendall and Trip, oysters grilled, probably by Uncle Det, and a damn fine time will be had.
Dad has already deep fried the bird and Kendall and I have sampled it multiple times now.  He is having himself a Bloody Mary to kick the day off that was made by yours truly.  It’s simple but has a little kick to it.  We use Absolut Peppar, Zing Zang, and DO NOT FORGET THE CELERY.  Kendall was telling me that watching me type.  Maybe we can get her to type soon!
Kendall and Mom are enjoying a couple of mimosas.  I am having myself a MANmosa.  Thanks to Meggan (feel better soon wister-in- law) for introducing this delicious treat to our repertoire.  It’s very simple, 1/3 champagne, 1/3 OJ, and 1/3 Blue Moon.  It’s smooth and easy drinking and a great start to the day!
We took Riggo on a stroll on the golf course to get the morning started and make some room for all the deliciousness we are about to consume.  We paused on several of the tee boxes and greens for a photo shoot at Aiken Golf Club.
Kendall and Riggs are on the 10th green.  Riggs and I are on 16 green.  We went 2.1 miles and I bet you’re thinking about how awesome that hat I am wearing is.  Mom found it at Grandpa’s when we were cleaning it out and removing the rest of the stuff out before demo.  It is OLD SCHOOL, UGLY, and absolutely AMAZING.  Hopefully it will help bring a W this weekend for Muschamp’s boys.  Anyway, it’s Thanksgiving and one of the many things I’m thankful for outside of friends and family (obviously) is good beer.  Let’s take a look at a couple of the ones Tim brought in town last weekend.
Up first, we have 3 Star Brewing’s Peppercorn Saison.  Tim talked this one up from the first time he told me he was bringing some crafts with him and I’ll admit skepticism.  If you’ll remember, I’m not a huge fan of saison’s because of the high carbonation in most of them.  This one is carbonated for sure as you can see the bubbles in the pic above.  But the carbonation was offset by a delightful creaminess that I did not expect.  It smells fantastic….citrusy, but I didn’t get any peppercorn like I expected.  That comes into play at the very beginning when you drink it.  It has a pleasant spice that doesn’t overpower it and leaves a clean finish.  Well done and at 6.5% ABV I was pleased.  Congras 3 Star Brewing, this beer earns you ****.
Up next we have Boulevard’s Single-Wide IPA.  Boulevard is based out of Kansas City and is new to the blog.  I liked the pun on the single-wide with a little wider bottle.  This was a little darker than some of the IPAs we have reviewed recently but it was damn good.  A comfy 5.7% ABV allows you to enjoy a couple of these responsibly.  Or if you’re at the house watching MACtion and grilling steaks, irresponsibly!  Citrusy aroma with some hop and a little maltiness.  Tastes great and drinks easy.  Not a lot of bitterness lingers which allows for us to drink several of these.  Very drinkable and balanced.  ****
We finish up with Highland’s Cold Mountain Winter Ale.  Their limited release winter ale sells out quickly from what I’m told.  Doug gave me one of these and said Morganelli’s sold out in two hours.  Two hours!  That’s insane!  I actually first had this when Kendall and I went to Vista Lights.  Having no idea what Vista Lights was (come on Vista Guild, you HAVE to promote that better) I was completely unprepared for blocked off streets and beer vendors.  There was a table outside of Mellow Mushroom serving this on draft along with Lo-Fi’s Lager.  I naturally ordered it because I’ve heard so much about it and was very impressed.  It was even better when I was able to sit down, pour it in a proper glass, and enjoy it while watching football.  Vanilla and caramel greet you both on the nose and at first sip.  Malts hit as you finish with just a hint of holiday spice to it.  It’s a little too carbonated, but it ends up balancing itself out.  All in all, I can see why people gobble this up off the shelf.  ****

That will wrap us up.  If you follow up on Twitter or Untappd you’ll see the family taste test has already begun.  I’ll be taking a few to the Outing Club and picking some random family members to test.  I’ll tweet out the results as they happen live, but will blog about it all on Sunday.  Until then, have a very Happy Thanksgiving!



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