It is very apparent that my parents are the new most popular beer tasters in the family!  Analytics don’t lie people and I can’t wait for Thanksgiving to see how the rest of the fam does as guest beer bloggers.  It’s Friday so I have a couple of new reviews and Riggo has her picks for the games this weekend that will surely lose you money.
Leading off today (#gocubs) is Polestar Pilsner.  I found this in the back of the fridge the other day and think it was scheduled to be a part of a previous mix pack but somehow got smothered by the growler and other random beers.  Honestly it’s probably been at the very front staring me in the face the whole time and I just didn’t see it until now….errr, then.  Tenses are hard!  As you can see, it’s your pretty standard beer color with a nice little head on top.  It doesn’t have much of a smell to it….maybe a slight hoppy smell if I were to categorize it.  It’s easy drinking and has a light feel when you sip it with a slightly peppery taste on the end.  It has a moderate 5.5% ABV and would really taste good with a hot dog I think.
Bold and big.  That’s what I would call Carolina Brewery’s Flagship IPA.  It is hopped up big time and I was surprised that it is only 5.7% ABV.  I expected that to be much higher considering the strength of this beer.  It would probably send Mom running away back to Bud Light!  You can see that it is a darker color and it has a little maltiness to it, but the hops overtake it quickly.  It’s smell is subtle when I think about how big the flavor is.  If you love hops then you’ll love this.  I liked it but it was just a little too strong for me.
We wrap up today with most of our mix pack still intact.  I can’t decide if mix pack should be one word or two.  Mix pack.  Mixpack.  If I can figure out how to put a poll on here we’ll ask our readers to weigh in.  The mix_pack is still intact (#rhyme) because I picked up this growler at Green’s yesterday and much to my delight Westbrook had its Festbrook (awesome, awesome name which garners an additional .25 star) on the board and I immediatey said “fill er up.”  It’s a golden lager with a little Oktoberfest taste to it that hit just right with this beautiful weather.  Easy drinking and great tasting are pretty accurate words to describe it.  Get it while you can!
Riggo is back this week with some picks for some big games for both the Gamecocks and the Tigers.  Yes, she is also posing underneath her canvas portrait for you.  If you bet on her last week she won you some money and now stands 14-2 straight up and 9-6 ATS.

TENNESSEE (-14):  31

CLEMSON (-5):  24
FSU:  23

FLORIDA (-7.5):  23
UGA:  16

I plan on finishing the growler tonight and will get back into the mix:pack on Sunday. Until then,



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