Happy Oktober Pick Sixers!  We’ve taken the last couple of weeks off for a variety of reasons, but we’re back rested, refreshed, and a little buzzed because we have quite a few beers to tell you about!  I’m currently drinking a Westbrook IPA as I type this.  Kendall and I made a stop at Craft and Draft yesterday and picked up a growler and it is delicious.  A tasty Sunday football beer if I may.  So we have had quite a bit going on as some of you know.  We were able to finally get our first experience at the Casual Pint before dinner a couple of weeks ago.  If I can wake her up from her snooze perhaps she’ll blog about it.  Anyway, let’s rate some beers!
First up we have Fullsteam’s Cackalacky Ginger Pale Ale.  I first had this beer maybe a year or so ago at the urging of Doug at Vino Garage.  I was intrigued by Ginger Beer after having my first Moscow Mule and wanted to try it.  Kendall of course wanted nothing to do with it but I’m glad she didn’t as I was able to enjoy this yesterday while watching Clemson nearly blow it against NC State.  I drank this directly from the can so I can’t comment on its appearance but it has a nice crisp taste to it as most pale ales do.  It’s pretty mildly carbonated and checks in at 5% ABV but you can sense a few more bubbles on the end of it.  The ginger is there, but it’s subtle.  It’s very refreshing and I think it goes great while you’re grilling.  It has a nice hop bite to it that complements the subtle ginger.  Overall I’d say this beer has some soul.  I’m taking a half a star away from it because I hate the term “Cackalacky.”  It’s stupid.
So I’ve come to the conclusion that Ballast Point has mastered the art of the fruit beer.  This is Ballast Point’s Mango Even Keel.  I picked up an 8 pack of this bad boy at Green’s ahead of the Ryder Cup a couple of weeks ago along with a growler and was very pleased.  I’ll be honest though…..when I saw 3.8% ABV I definitely raised an eyebrow but I love mango and I love this beer.  I didn’t expect much flavor but it pops nicely and, despite the low ABV, has a good hop flavor to it as well.  It finishes dry and the mango is there the entire time, but it doesn’t overpower the hop.  This is one of the best session beers out there and even Meggan enjoyed it ahead of the UGA game last week!
So, here is the growler I picked up at Green’s along with that 8 pack.  This is Good Times Brewing’s Flower Child Kolsch.  I rate this beer ***.5 on Untappd when I first got it but that’s getting lowered.  We ended up pouring this growler out.  It had an aftertaste that I couldn’t quite pinpoint and then Kendall had to ruin it.  “This is probably what an ashtray tastes like.”  And she was right.  Even the head of the beer above kind of reminds me of an ashtray.  It gets points for having a name that sounds like a Legend of Zelda character.
We’re going to wrap up today’s post with Catawba’s Farmer Ted’s Cream Ale.  As I have said in the past when it comes to Catawba’s beers, subtle is the word.  I love this beer.  It’s what I like to call “Grillin Beer.”  Yes, that’s right.  “Grillin.”  Let’s rewind a minute.  I love cream soda.  I loved it as a kid and I still love it as an adult.  I will never forget (my parents are saints by the way) when we were in Vegas for a Midas conference as a kid my mom went to every Vegas restaurant trying to find me a cream soda while we were there.  In my defense, she could have just ordered it off the room service menu but they were mad at Anne and me because we already abused room service ordering ice cream.  Anyway, this beer takes me back.  It has a subtle cream flavor with a full body, but it doesn’t fill you up and you can put several of these guys away at 5.6% ABV while your ribs are smoking on your grill.
We’ll finish today with Sierra Nevada’s Oktoberfest.  One thing that puzzled me a bit about this beer is its appearance.  Look how light it looks and then click the link to the Sierra Nevada website and look how much darker it appears.  That threw me off a bit.  Despite the light look I got, it has some of that maltiness that a good Oktoberfest will have.  It’s a little too sweet for my tastes.  It’s smooth and the sweetness level wasn’t a problem for Kendall but it was a little for me.

We’ll be back this week to blog about what we drank at Oktoberfest yesterday as well as finishing up the randomness that is our beer collection in the fridge.



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