Drink Beer and Live Long and Prosper

After skipping last weekend’s games, our calendar girl is back this week to try and improve her picking record and I have some beers for you from the mix pack.
Up first we have the Star Trek Golden Anniversary Ale.  I guess Star Trek turned 50 this year which is kind of crazy to think about.  Shmaltz Brewing out of Canada brews this and it sort of reflects what I think about Star Trek.  It’s ok.  The Force is not strong with this one.  As you all know I’m a huge Star Wars nerd and my big takeaway from this is that Disney and Lucasfilm are currently missing a huge marketing opportunity here.  Had this been called Shmaltz Golden Ale it would have never made the mix pack.  Could you imagine how much a “Darth Vader Imperial Stout” would sell?  I don’t even like stouts and I would drink it.  A “Luke Skywalker Lager” or a “Princess Leia Pilsner”?  Dolla Dolla bills yo.  “Han Solo Hefeweizen.”  I’ll be here all day folks.  If Kathleen Kennedy somehow reads this give me a call and I will be your marketing rep for this.  Anyway this is a decent Golden Ale and probably tastes better if you’re a Trekkie.  But for me it’s ***.
Up next we have Catawba’s Mother Trucker Pale Ale.  One thing I am beginning to learn about Catawba’s beers is that their flavors are all very subtle.  You can read my review of the White Zombie here.  It has a nice malt flavor to it to complement the hops giving it a very smooth flavor.  It has a nice carbonation to it….not too flat and not too fizzy.  I really enjoyed this and you will too.  ****
Wrapping up today’s ratings is Bell’s Oatsmobile Ale.  Fortunately unlike the interestingly named Bell’s beer this one is a little more my speed.  Apparently the oats make it a little heavier than most session pale ales.  It’s only 4.3% ABV so you can drink a lot of them if you want, but as heavy as it feels when you drink it it’s not one I’m putting in the cooler for gameday or anything.  Kendall really liked it and I liked it.  ***.5
And now let’s go to our special correspondent Win Robinson coming to you with a report from Stuttgart.  He finally got a stinker of a beer with the Golzar.  “It’s brewed to be exported which should tell you everything.”  The Schonbuch Kristallweizen is light like a pils but with a full weizen taste.  Win predicts it takes the US by storm here soon.
This is a pic from Riggo’s calendar shoot for Pawmetto Lifeline.  We were very proud of her behavior as she made fast friends with the camera.  She’s 5-4 this year ATS and 8-2 straight up.  After only picking Clemson last week she’s back with a full complement of picks.

TEXAS A&M (-19): 48

CLEMSON (-2):  45

FLORIDA (-14):  28

We’ll be drinking quite a cornucopia of beers today as we get into the afternoon of the Ryder Cup.  We have some Westbrook One Claws, Sam Adams Grapefruit Rebel IPA, and the remainder of the mix pack.  Once the morning sessions are over I am going to run out to Green’s to pick up another bottle of Jack and I’ll fill up the growler as well.  Until next time.



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