Ein Bericht aus Deutschland

There was a debate last night.  If you don’t know it already, we don’t talk politics here.  That being said, if you watched it you probably need a beer and we are here to help.  We have some special content for you this week!  We’ll finish off the mix pack that lasted forever, dive into a little bonus content, and update you on the newest mix pack.
Up first today we have Weihenstapher Festbier, which is a Marzen/Oktoberfest aus Deutschland.  I poured this fella into my EngenuitySC pint glass and was a little surprised at the look.  Most Marzen beers that I have had have been a little bit darker in color, but as you can see this guy is a bit lighter.  It’s ABV is a good 5.8% so you can have a few, but not too many of em.  It had a nice head that left some good lacing and is easy to drink.  It’s a lighter Oktoberfest and I was hoping for just a little more flavor, but don’t let that stop you from buying it.
Up next we have Shebeen’s Pineapple Wheat.  I was not excited about this when I first opened it.  I’m not a pineapple lover by any stretch of the imagination.  I enjoy my fruits….strawberries, peaches, mango, cantaloupe (please don’t ever make a cantaloupe beer anyone), but I don’t really like pineapple.  All that being said, I liked this beer.  It’s an easy drinking 4.7% and it’s very easy to enjoy.  It’s sweet and subtle at the same time.  The pineapple makes its appearance at the end and it hangs a little on the aftertaste, but not too much.  If you like pineapple you’re going to love this.
Well, wir haben bonus-inhalte thanks to Win being in Germany for the week.  He is sampling some local brews while he is there and sending me his thoughts.  He’s not going to rate any of them “due to the competition” but he will let us know his thoughts.  The first one he sent is the Paulaner Lager.  “Smooth and easy to enjoy.”  We’ll try to find this for the next mix pack.
Next up are a couple of selections from Schonbuch.  Schon’s translation auf Deutsch means beautiful and that appears to be a lot of the views there.  Both of these beers are “smooth and easy” and he is beginning to see a pattern when it comes to German beer.  I think we need to have a German mix pack at some point!

The contents of the new mix pack are:
1.  Bell’s Oktoberfest
2.  Lefthanded Brewing Polestar Pilsner
3.  Bell’s Oatsmobile Ale
4.  Southern Tier Brewing Imperial Pumking
5.  Star Trek Golden Anniversary Ale
6.  Catawba Mother Trucker Pale Ale



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