Happy Hump Day Pick Sixers!  My hope for this week was to be able to have a couple of posts up by now to finish off our last mixer but I had to do my civic duty.  That’s right……JURY DUTY.  I was originally called last week but was deferred to this week because of Benjamin’s arrival.  Unlike last week, the qualifying judge had the courtesy of showing up on time on Monday which made things run a little quicker.  Unlike last week as well, the A/C was out at the courthouse Monday morning which made things a little warm.  There wasn’t much sitting around on Monday, just a lot of sweating.  I was naturally the 14th of 15 jurors picked for my trial which caused some much needed longing for a cold beer.
Up first we have Highland’s Mandarina IPA.  Checking in at 5% ABV this is a very easy-drinking IPA with a touch of citrus.  I was a little stopped up when I drank this (#allergies) so I didn’t detect much on the nose, but that’s on my sinuses and not the beer.  I enjoyed this.  It’s mildly carbonated and has a sweet finish to it.  I was disappointed that it didn’t have a little bit more punch to it though.  I really enjoyed New Belgium’s citrus IPA (click here) because it had bite to it.  This is really good, don’t get me wrong, but I have to knock it just a bit due to that.
I’m not going to get into the details of the trial here even though we’re allowed to because it’s over.  All I’ll say is that on Tuesday after waiting around all morning we were called in and things got started and what I witnessed in court was one of the most unsettling things I’ve ever seen.  You can read about it here if you want.
Up next is North Coast’s PranQster Golden Ale.  This one is a bit heavier at 7.6% and I needed every percentage of it because I drank this beer during the Skins/Cowboys game that Washington choked away at home after having it pretty much in the bag.  The answer is no Kirk Cousins.  I don’t like that at all.  Maybe I’m being hard on this beer because I drank it during that game, but I thought it was fine.  It’s carbonated which I guess I need to learn to enjoy a little more but has an easy taste to it at first.  A pleasant fruity aroma and it’s a little prickly as you sip it.  Where it goes south for me (outside of the whole Skins debacle) is as it gets warm it became a little syrupy.  I know Franklin, man up and drink your beer while it’s cold!  But at 7.6% ABV I don’t necessarily want to chug this no matter how bad the Skins are playing.  Good beer.  That’s what we’ll call this one.
Our calendar girl started off red hot this year, but has come back down to earth a little.  Maybe picking all these games is exhausting her.  She’s now an even 4-4 against the spread and 7-2 straight up.  Clemson plays on Thursday night vs. GA Tech so she’ll get her pick in today for that one.  She’ll be back later this week as we finish this mix pack with her others.  So let’s see what this chicken fetching devil beast has to say about the Tigers…..

CLEMSON (-10): 35
GA TECH:  20

Until next time, say a little prayer for the victim in the case I was on.  The judge declared a mistrial so she’s going to have to go through this all over again.  It makes any complaining about jury duty seem stupid.



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