Have you felt it?  That’s a line from Star Wars if you were wondering where that came from.  It’s late on a Friday and this is the only blog?  I mean come on Franklin!  Well, between Jury Duty on Monday that got bumped to next week and the arrival of a certain nephew we have been a little busy.  Not too busy to drink beer of course, so let’s talk about that.
First off, meet my main man Benjamin.  He likes giving “El Jefe” a high five at only a couple of days old.  We are so excited for Anne and Brian to be new parents and we are pumped to be the most awesome aunt and uncle in the history of aunts and uncles.  Here is Benjamin with “Very Special Aunt K.”
So in celebration of Benjamin’s arrival how could we not toast in his honor right?
Starting off we have Coast Brewing’s 32/50 Kolsch.  If you saw my rating on Untappd, you would have seen that not only is this an awesome beer, but it has some sentimental value for me.  Outside of the nice head, pretty color, delicious flavor, and crisp finish, this is the first beer I bought knowing that I was buying craft beer.  Last year for Kendall’s birthday I bought her a bag Yeti cooler and wanted to stuff it full of good beer.  I have consumed craft beer for years but last year began my awareness around it and this beer started it.  Not only that, but we packed the cooler and took it down to Fripp for our yearly family beach trip (that didn’t actually happen this year) and was the first beer I drank that weekend on the beach.  This is a light and fun beer to drink and I highly recommend it.
Up next we have Victory’s Festbier.  Since we’re on the subject of our new buddy Benjamin I was drinking this beer yesterday while I grilled Anne and Brian some London Broil.  That’s what good local family members do right?  Well, I got this out of the fridge as Supremely Special Aunt K was pouring herself a Fatty’s  and I immediately had some buyer’s remorse.  It was hot yesterday and I just wasn’t feeling an Oktoberfest type of beer.  But I sucked it up anyway and poured it into my EngenuitySC pint glass and never looked back.  It’s very good with a nice malty sweetness to it that goes down smooth.  As hot as it was outside yesterday (good call WIS weather team #sarcasm) at no point while I was grilling did I regret drinking this.  Whether we get some fall weather soon or not make sure to give this a try.
Closing out the beers today is Westbrook’s Margarita Gose.  This will be a short review.  I went into this beer hoping it would lean more towards the “Loaded Cervezas” that Kendall and I used to fix (Corona and lime tequila) but it didn’t.  It’s a gose and it is very sour.  I hate sour beer and therefor I hate this.  I love Westbrook beer, but this isn’t for me.
What is Riggins doing in the backseat of the car in a garage?  Well, she is my navigator when we go pick up Momma from work.  Yep, I work remotely and still have a commute.  What can I say…..I’m a dedicated husband!  Anyway, after a strong opening week in college football, Riggo bounced back to reality last week and now sits at 4-2 ATS and 5-1 straight up.  Let’s see what she has in store for us this week.



ALABAMA (-11):  37



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