Washing Down Wicked Weed

Today’s post will be brief since we’re only reviewing one beer (or are we…..) and Riggo will be making her picks.  As I told you last time, after putting the “Labor” in Labor Day Weekend (that hasn’t gotten old yet has it?) we stopped by Green’s on the way home from Lowe’s (they don’t get a link….Lowe’s is awful, just ask me or Anne about getting a dryer from them) as Kendall was wanting something with a little hop to drink after our hard weekend’s work.  They had quite the selection and we were leaning on going with the Westbrook IPA as you can never go wrong with it, but right as we were about to give the guy manning the growler station a thumbs up, I heard him mention Wicked Weed.  Some backstory, Kendall and I took a trip up to Asheville a couple of years ago and spent a weekend at the Biltmore.  We stopped in to the Wicked Weed Brewery while we were hanging out downtown and didn’t leave.  In fact, while we were there I got a call from Winthrop and Coach Paul about my boys knocking off Eastminster (I rarely miss a game, but sometimes you just need a vacation) so there are some good vibes whenever I think of Wicked Weed.  So after all of that, we decided to make a last minute call to get the Pernicious IPA.
This is excellent beer.  For the picture above, you’ll see it’s in my EngenuitySC pint glass.  I drank the rest of it from my English pint glass, but the first pour was in the ESC glass.  It had a larger head in the English pint glass, but both glasses had fantastic lacing that stuck around through the entire experience.  It has an ABV of 7.3% but you wouldn’t know it while drinking it.  It drinks smoothly with a nice hop burst in the middle.  I wouldn’t call this “hoppy” since that was what Kendall was going for, but it definitely delivers.  I didn’t get any sweetness at all while drinking this like some of the other IPAs but that was fine with me.  It finishes very clean and a little dry and makes me want to hit the road and head back up to Asheville.
Ohhhh it’s bonus content time.  I don’t even know where this beer came from but it was in the fridge.  I’m wondering if Kendall picked up a sixer of it.  But this is Catawba’s White Zombie and you guessed it, it’s a white ale.  Subtle is the word I would use to describe this beer.  It’s easy drinking, crisp, and has just a small undercurrent of bitterness.  None of it really stands out but I don’t think it’s supposed to.  I’m not going to go so far as to call this complex, but I will call it…….crafty (I’ll be here all night folks)?!  It’s a nice summertime beer and definitely worth picking up.

Ok, so we have a new mix pack.  I stopped in Vino Garage and chatted with Doug a little on my lunch break.  You know it’s football season when the pumpkin beers are all over the place and it’s still above 90 degrees outside.  I did cave and put a couple in the mix pack based on Doug’s recommendations.  I also asked what he thought was the best “drinking beer” in the store that I hadn’t tried yet and that is in here as well.  I’ll reveal which one it is when I review it but here are the selections:
1.  Highland Mandarina IPA
2.  Shebeen Pineapple Wheat
3.  North Coast Pranqster Golden Ale
4.  Coast Brewing 32/50 Kolsch
5.  Weihenstephaner Festbier
6.  Victory Festbier
I also picked up a bottle of Westbrook’s Margarita Gose.  Last week I picked up a beer to rate for the game but that will not be the case this week.  This week we will be drinking River Rat’s Pilsner during (let’s be honest, I’ll be into the Jack at gametime, so before) the Mississippi State game on Saturday.  You can check out our review of it here.  So let’s get to the picks now:
Since we drank a growler I wanted to pick a picture where she was sort of growling too.  She has changed her mind on the NFL though, she just wants to stick to college picks.  Maybe she’ll pick NFL games when the playoffs hit.  She went 3-0 straight up and against the spread last week so let’s see what she has in store for this week!

CAROLINA (+6.5) 26

CLEMSON (-36.5) 47

FLORIDA (-16.5) 27



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