Boy opening weekend of college football was fun wasn’t it?  Kendall and I put the “Labor” in Labor Day weekend doing stuff around the house but we made certain to watch several of the games.  Riggins went 3-0 both straight up and against the spread with her predictions as well.  We’ll get into this week’s games and what to we’ll drink this weekend later on, but let’s finish off that pesky mix pack that has been hanging around for awhile shall we?
Up first we have Harpoon’s Sweet Spot Golden Ale.  Harpoon describes this beer as “full flavored and smooth” and I think that’s a pretty accurate assessment of this.  I didn’t get much of an aroma on this one despite its small yet fluffy head and that would be my biggest complaint.  It’s slightly sweet on the front with some good hops in the middle to balance it out.  It’s a golden ale so the goal to get the gold is to be crisp and refreshing and this beer is exactly that.  4.8% ABV and you have yourself a nice beer to enjoy at the tailgate.
Up next we have Lazy Magnolia’s Southern Hops’pitality IPA.  Hops’pitality is a hard word to type and they will be penalized .25 star for that inconvenience.  There is another hard word to type….inconvenience.  Anyway, this isn’t about my inability to type certain words, but this is my blog so it can be if we want it to be.  But we don’t want it to be, we want to rate this beer.  If I’m going Southern Hops’pitality (dammit) I think I would have spelled it Hops’pitalitea even if there is no tea in it.  It just seems right if it’s Southern because we love tea.  I liked this beer.  It’s pretty and smells nice.  It’s a comfortable 5.5% ABV.  It has a bigger hop flavor than I anticipated with that ABV but it’s good.  It finishes a little sour though and that brings it down a little more.  Overall decent beer.
Up next we have Palmetto’s Colonel Rathbun’s Farmhouse Ale.  You’ll have to forgive my pour above, when I first poured it there was nothing but foam (an honest mistake) so this was all I had left of it.  This guy comes in at a strong 7.8% ABV but there is something about Farmhouse/Saison’s that just don’t do it for me.  I think it’s the carbonation.  It felt fizzy when I drank it and as someone who has pretty much quit on soft drinks that hurts.  It taste’s good.  Let’s be clear on that.  If you are cool with the carbonation then pick this up.  I’m not cool so I won’t be picking it up again.
So now we have arrived at the gameday beer.  I’m going to be honest with you.  I did not drink this during the game.  Seriously, did you watch that?  I drank it before the game, yes, but the second AJ Turner’s foot quasi-stepped out of the end zone only to go back in the end zone for a touchback that probably should have been a safety I went straight to the comfort of my old friend Jack Daniels.  That’s probably going to be the story this football season, but rest assured friends, before the game starts I will be drinking beer.  I first had this beer at Gervais and Vine some time ago (we finally broke the Trip streak) at my old colleague Katie’s farewell party.  I had it again at Oak Table when I met Kendall and her dad there for a drink after work and I really enjoy it.  Unknown Brewery hasn’t been featured much on this blog (see here) but maybe we change that coming forward because both beers have been good.  I want to preface the rest of my comments by saying that I judge beers on what they are supposed to be and how they taste.  This is a tailgating beer.  It’s 4.2% and it’s one that you drink in the Fairgrounds outside of Williams Brice before a game.  You can drink it out of a can or out of a glass.  Think of a Bud Light only with flavor.  That’s what this is supposed to be and is exactly what it is.  I really like it and you will too.  Put it in your cooler.
+++++++++++++BONUS CONTENT++++++++++
I wanted to do an Oskar Blues mix pack awhile ago but somebody (cough…Kendall) wanted to put a couple of other beers in the mix pack instead.  Somebody please call her out on her lack of blogging!  Demanding I put other beers in the mix pack and not even having the courtesy to tell you whether or not she liked them.  Harumph!  I mentioned earlier in the post that we put the “Labor” back in Labor Day weekend getting the house ready for its photoshoot.  One cannot work outdoors in the hot sun (despite the weekend being mild for the most part, mild for early September’s sake) without a cold refreshing beer to cool you off, and that’s why I picked up a sixer of Mama’s Little Yella Pils while at Green’s restocking my old pal Jack.  Kendall painted the outside deck while I sanded the upstairs porch, put some gravel down, and dug holes with a shovel so we were both a couple of dirty Buchanans after all was said and done.  This was a damn good beer to cool us off.  I was lamenting my decision as a poured them, wishing I got a Farmer Ted’s Cream Ale or something like that, but my decision proved to be sound.  It’s well-balanced and smooth and makes for a refreshing reward after a laborious day.

So what’s next?  Are you really going to blog again this week or are we one and done?  Yes, I’m going to blog again.  No college football picks from Riggo today means I have to blog again.  I plan on getting a new mix pack tomorrow but in the meantime Kendall and I picked up a growler at Green’s on our way home from Lowe’s on Sunday.  We filled up on Pernicious IPA by Wicked Weed.  You can already see my rating on Untappd but I wanted to finish the growler to blog about it to see how it held up.  The last growler I bought had a damn good beer but after a couple of days I didn’t think it held up.  Still good, but not great.  I’m actually drinking the Pernicious right now as I type and it’s holding up nicely.  Look for us again on Thursday and Riggo will check in with her picks.  We’ll be adding the Skins (HTTR) to her pick list as well, along with an NFL game that intrigues me.  Until then,



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