That’s right beer drinkers!  After a grueling offseason, college football is finally back this week.  And unlike most years, opening weekend is LOADED with great games.  USoCal v. ‘Bama, FSU v. Ole Miss, UGA v. UNC are just a few non-state of SC games to be excited about.  I have some fresh reviews for you, a couple of predictions, and I will reveal what we’ll be drinking during the game.  Now, for some reviews:
ballast point sculpin ipa
First up we will go with Ballast Point’s Sculpin IPA.  This is the third (and original) version of the Sculpin we have sampled on Pick 6 (Grapefruit and Pineapple).  The grapefruit was the first ever ***** beer on the blog so how does this stand up?  Pretty damn good.  It’s a beautiful beer with a nice head.  It packs a solid 7% ABV and the smell hits you right away.  It has a great hop flavor but doesn’t leave any bitter aftertaste, finishing clean and refreshing.  Kendall just got back from San Diego but work unfortunately prevented her from visiting the brewery, but they are on the list of places to go here at some point because this is a great beer.  I like the grapefruit better, but not by much.
anderson valley summer solstice
Another brewery getting its third review on the blog is Anderson Valley’s Summer Solstice.  This is not your traditional summer brew.  It’s darker in appearance and, like its other Anderson Valley relatives the IPA and Amber Ale, has a sweet malty taste to it.  I first had this beer last year on Labor Day at the lake with Trip and Will (#triptheme) and loved it.  It is one of my favorite summer beers out there.  It’s an easy drinking 5% and you can enjoy this straight out of the can if you’re floating by the dock or sitting on the beach.  Whenever I have one of these I’m like that bear (does that thing have antlers?  a reignbear?) and just drink it up.
oskar blues pinner throwback ipa
In the three hole today we have Oskar Blues Pinner Throwback IPA.  This is another incredibly drinkable IPA.  I first sampled this one at Brew at the Zoo and made a note to get it in a mix pack at some point and I’m glad I did.  It’s an easy sipping 4.9% ABV and I actually thought about selecting this one as the gameday beer this week, but it’s gold can is the school color of Vandy and we can’t have that!  The beer itself isn’t all that different from some of the other session IPAs we have sampled.  Light and hoppy at the same time with a mouth watering citrus smell.  It’s a littler drier on the finish than maybe the Unknown but it’s really good.  What else should we expect from Oskar Blues?

I’ll be finishing up the mixpack over the next day or so and will pick up a new one in time for football on Saturday.  I kept trying to figure out what a good beer/brewery would be for the Carolina game on Thursday and settled on Unknown’s Pregame Session Ale.  The Gamecocks have plenty of unknowns this season so it seemed fitting.  I’m going to steal a theme that Bill Gunter of The Big Spur has done over the years and have Riggins predict the games this weekend.  She’ll predict South Carolina, Clemson, and a random game that I am really interested in so here goes:
riggo week 1


UGA 35
UNC 20

I’ll be back Wednesday to finish up the mix pack.  Until then,



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