anderson valley hop ottin ipa
We’re going to jump right into reviews today.  Picking up where we left off from the last mix pack, we start today’s reviews with Anderson Valley’s Hop Ottin IPA.  This is their take on a West Coast IPA and let me tell you, a damn good take it is.  I’m getting a consistent sense from Anderson Valley beers of a sweet malts as you smell it.  Last time we reviewed Anderson Valley I noted that I couldn’t decide whether to subtract part of a star or add part of a star and once again I am going to do neither and let this beer stand on its own.  It’s a heavy IPA at 7% ABV and has a bold, but balanced flavor to it.  I really enjoyed this beer and if you like IPAs you will too.

green man wayfarer ipa
Are we too IPA crazy here on the blog?  It’s hot out so whether we are or not I don’t care.  We follow up Anderson Valley’s outstanding IPA with another one here, Green Man’s Wayfarer IPA.  This one checks in a little milder on the ABV at 5.5% and came with a nice bubbly head.  Both IPAs left their fair share of lacing and were pleasant on the nose, but this one doesn’t have the malts of the Anderson Valley, it has a more citrusy smell to it.  It tastes great and drinks very easy .  It has a fantastic taste to it and reminded me a little of a Fatty’s.  Pick one of these up if you see it.
laughing skull craft lager
Well I guess we’re not too IPA heavy are we?  Maybe we are, but we’re switching it up here to the Red Brick Laughing Skull Craft Lager.  Since we’re switching beer types, you’ll noticed we switched glasses too.  Since this is a lager, I went with the EngenuitySC pint glass (#knowledgeeconomy) and went to work.  It looks a little like a Budweiser after pouring it and part of me wished I drank this one out of the can, but it’s a little late to change that right now.  Unlike Budweiser, this has some subtle hop flavor to it providing it with a little character while you drink it.  It checks in a little heavier at 5.3%ABV but is more refreshing in the summer heat than good ole Bud.
full spectrum infrared ipa
Annnnnd we’re moving back to IPAs and we’re moving back to the English Pint Glass.  Kendall accidentally broke our Sierra Nevada IPA glass, but that’s ok, we have two of these on hand in case we both want an IPA.  Here is an SC brewer out of Fort Mill with their West Coast IPA.  It poured a bigger head than I thought, but I may have overchilled the glass.  It checks in at 6.3% ABV so it’s on the heavier side, but not too much.  They reference some minty characteristics in it but I didn’t notice them.  I should notice them too because we have massive amounts of mint in our garden.  Seriously, if you need mint just ask.  We could probably supply Wrigley at this point.  Anyway, I liked the smell and the taste of this beer, but the aftertaste lingered a little too much and that is going to bring it down a little.  Still an overall solid beer that I look forward to trying again sometime soon.
++++++BONUS CONTENT+++++
sierra nevada pale ale
I was reading an article early last week about what beer craft brewers keep in their fridge that is not their own.  I can’t remember where I read it, maybe Thrillist, but the most common answer was Sierra Nevada Pale Ale and that inspired me to pick up a 6 pack of it on a whim while I was at the grocery store.  I hadn’t had this in a long time but I was very excited to bring it back into the fold and it did not disappoint!  It’s refreshing, delicious, and I understand why it was such a popular choice.  This classic craft gets a ***** rating.

Alright, a couple of housekeeping items.  I started a Youtube page and eventually we will do some video reviews, maybe a video tasting or something like that.  I’ll probably need to get a camera if we’re going to do anything too in-depth, as storage is hard to come by on both mine and Kendall’s phones.  Right now there is just an awesome video of Riggins doing her Navy SEAL crawl for some treats so enjoy that.  I’m also going to spend some time and try to add another page to the blog so I can list the top ranked beers for a quick reference guide.  I may need some technical guidance there, so Tim may be receiving a phone call about that in the coming days.

I dropped by Vino Garage at lunch and picked up a new mix pack.  Here are scenes from our next episode:
1.  Harpoon Sweet Spot Golden Ale
2.  Ballast Point Sculpin IPA
3.  Palmetto Brewing Colonel Rathbun’s Farmhouse Ale
4.  Lazy Magnolia Southern Hop’pitality IPA
5.  Oskar Blues Pinner IPA
6.  Anderson Valley Summer Solstice



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