Brew at the Zoo Wrap Up

Happy Weekend everyone!  It’s still hot as hell here in Columbia so we’ve had plenty of cold brews to help us get through the heat.  Brew at the Zoo was a good time as always.  Kendall is passing on blogging about the even so I’ll have a brief wrap up and some additional ratings.  We’re going to try and make a trip to the Casual Pint today so maybe I’ll force her to blog about that.  Peer pressure people, it works!
sea lions
My favorite event was the feeding of the sea lions.  They did tricks for us in exchange for fish.  The smaller one in the middle was not feeling his trainer and didn’t really do much, but the trainer fed him anyway.  Kind of like Mom and Arie.  Dog doesn’t do what is told but still gets rewarded!
pick six shandy
Not only did they have an amazing mist fan that I stood under for some time, but they also had a station where you could make your own “Sea Lion Shandy.”  Above you’ll see the Pick Six Shandy.  What is a shandy you ask?  Well, Meggan and I were asking that same question.  A shandy is a beer mixed with a soft drink or a carbonated juice.  They had wheat beer and I mixed mine with ginger ale.  It was awesomely mediocre but since I made it it automatically gets *****.  Meggan made hers with Pomegranate juice and it did not taste very good to me.
winthrop brick
We made our way over to find Winthrop’s brick that we got him for his birthday several years ago.  It was fortunately right near the Oskar Blues station, so the beer you see there is a Dale’s Pale Ale along with Win’s shoe.
kendall and simba
Lastly, we’ll close with Kendall and Simba.  As far as the event goes, it was a lot of fun.  I do wish they would abandon the whole “station” thing and go back to spreading the vendors out over the entire zoo.  The breweries were confined to four stations and we didn’t even make it over to one of them.  A few years ago you could walk around the zoo and hit virtually ever station if you wanted.  A few beers stood out to me and we’ll work on getting them or the brewery in one of the next mix packs:
Cooper River Orange Infused Blonde Ale
Oskar Blues Pinner Throwback and the original IPA
Foothills Brewing Carolina Blonde
Frothy Beard Albatross IPA
Lagunitas Born in the USA
Of course I had many more than that.  I couldn’t not get a DPA.  The first beer I went for was a New Belgium Citradelic because it was so damn hot waiting I needed immediate refreshment.  And, my favorite part, was running into old friends.  I saw my old buddy Kevin and his wife Stacy, my good friend Bob, and of course, Matt and Kati (#HTTR).  Overall a job well done by Riverbanks Zoo and we look forward to next year!
kronenbourg 1664
Now, to the mix pack!  First up we have the Kronenbourg 1664.  I think I have a philosophy that if a beer comes in a green bottle I am going to drink it out of the bottle.  It’s a pale lager and nothing overly special, just an easy drinking beer.  I first had this beer over at Trip’s house (this is becoming a theme) and enjoyed it.  The only downside to that time is that the beer was in a fridge that also was full of shrimp, so it had a fishy smell to it.  This one did not because we don’t have any shrimp in the fridge.  Out of the bottle it doesn’t have any odor, but it has a little more flavor that the other imports we have sampled here.
bells oarsmen ale
Up next we have the Bell’s Oarsman Ale.  I thought about drinking this out of the can but decided to pour in in the glass.  We love Bell’s on this blog.  I was excited when I saw this because I love wheat beers.  But I got a little concerned when I saw on the can the word “tart.”  When I think tart I think of sour beers.  I don’t like sour beers.  This doesn’t quite fall into that category because the sourness was subtle, but it was still there.  Sorry Bell’s, I don’t think I’m rating you here as much as I’m rating my palate, but this didn’t do it for me.

That wraps up today.  I’ll be back tomorrow to finish the mix pack and provide a little bonus content as well.  Hopefully we’ll make it to the Casual Pint today but we’ll have to see.  Have a great weekend!



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