Happy Late National IPA Day!

I wanted to do this blog yesterday but didn’t quite get around to it due to life, but yesterday was #nationalIPAday.  Plus I finished the mix pack, bought a new one, AND we have Brew at the Zoo tonight!  I stopped over at Vino Garage at lunch yesterday because not only did I finish the mix pack, but the beer fridge was looking less than voluminous.  In celebration of National IPA Day I picked up a 5-pack of Fatty’s.  A 5-pack you say?  Yep, someone else wisely took one of these for their own mix pack, leaving me with five delicious Fatty’s to drink.
fattys national ipa day
I drank the one in the English pint glass and Kendall had the one in the Sierra Nevada IPA glass and we both enjoyed them immensely.  I found an interesting article this morning on Thrillist that “debunks” several beer myths.  One of the myths is that beer has to be ice cold.  Now, I get what they’re saying to an extent, but maybe it’s the Southerner in me experiencing absurdly hot temperatures right now, but I don’t necessarily agree with the 40-55 degree range.  Or maybe I do and I should use a thermometer and realize that’s the temp I’m drinking them at, but I put the glasses in the freezer for a few minutes to chill them down.  I think chilling the glass brings the initial flavor out more than one at room temp.  I’m curious as to the reader thoughts.  Maybe a temperature test will be our next experiment.
war flag pilsner
Let’s go ahead and get this one out of the way.  War Flag’s American Pilsner.  I didn’t like it.  I poured it out halfway through it because Kendall called and wanted me to meet her for a drink before her Jr. League meeting.  More like Kendall rescued me.  I was able to meet her at Za’s and enjoy a Bell’s Two Hearted instead.  Maybe this was a case of over-chilling a beer.  I did leave my EngenuitySC pint glass in the freezer for a lot longer than usual, but I don’t know.  Folks on Beer Advocate seem to enjoy it somewhat.  For me, it had a buttery taste to it and a rather rancid finish.  I’m giving it ** because it has a badass name and it looks the part.
palmetto 843 island wit
I drank this Palmetto Brewing 843 Island Wit while writing the last post and it didn’t disappoint.  I chose my “B” pint glass that Trip gave all of his groomsmen as a wedding gift for this guy and it poured beautifully.  It lacked the citrusy aroma most wheat beers have, but you get it when you taste it.  It has a peppery finish that I ended up liking.  Overall this is a solid summer beer and I’m learning that South Carolina breweries consistently make good beers.
new belgium citradelic
I try to only rate the beers I buy in the mixpack on Untappd and on the blog.  But every so often I come across a situation or a beer that warrants it.  Sometimes it’s me not blogging for two weeks….that warrants some additional content right?  Other times, it’s going to a baby shower and discovering this tropical treat.  I drank this at Anne and Brian’s baby shower last weekend.  A hearty round of applause to Adam and Meredith for putting on a fun time, and no Anne and Brian event is complete without New Belgium beer.  I’ll be honest, I started off a little skeptical because I only saw Fat Tire in the cooler.  Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against Fat Tire.  It’s delicious.  But it’s not ideal (for me at least) when it’s this damn hot and you’re outside.  But then I reached in the Yeti and found this New Belgium Citradelic Tangerine IPA dripping with ice and let me tell you that it bursts with flavor!  It was just the summery refreshment I needed on a hot SC Saturday.  I rated it **** on Untappd but the heat was getting to me.  It’s better than that so I’m going to knock up the rating a bit on here.
**** 1/2
Alright, it’s off to Brew at the Zoo tonight.  For prior Brew at the Zoo exploits, click here to read about the last time we went and blogged about it WAY BACK IN 2009!  I won’t be rating any of the beers, but I will be checking in with them on Untappd if I really like them.  We’ll then put them in a future mix pack for proper rating since you can only do so much with the miniature tasting glasses.  As for the next mix pack, here is what’s coming up:
1.  Kronenbourg 1664
2.  Anderson Valley Hop Ottin IPA
3.  Red Brick Laughing Skull Craft Lager
4.  Green Man Wayfarer IPA
5.  Bell’s Oarsmen Ale
6.  Full Spectrum Infrared IPA



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