Maybe My Favorite Craft Beer

We’re staring to get into a little bit of a roll here at Pick 6 now.  I think I might pat myself on the back for these consistent posts!  I didn’t outright say it last time, but this mix pack contains what is probably (along with Fatty’s of course) my favorite craft beer, Dale’s Pale Ale.
oskar blues dales pale ale
I was first introduced to this beer by Graham, Will, and Davis.  Back home in Aiken they used to go to Davor’s for happy hour because it was the only place that carried Dale’s Pale Ale on draft.  As much as they were hyping this up I just had to try it.  And I’m glad I did because it lived up to their lofty praise.  Dale’s and Fatty’s are the two crafts that are consistently present in our fridge.  So why do I love it so much?  Well, look at it!  Isn’t that a good looking beer?  Plus the can is awesome too.  Dale’s claims to be the first canned craft beer.  I have no idea of knowing that it’s true but because this is so good I’m going to believe it to be true.  The taste is sweet up front, malty in the middle, and hoppy at the end, creating a perfectly balanced brew.  It leans bitter, but doesn’t linger at all.  It’s moderate with its ABV at 6.5%, so enjoy responsibly.  In an awesome twist of irony, the can I picked up for this mix pack was canned on my birthday!  Just look on the bottom and you can see when it was canned and who canned it.
oskar blues dales pale ale can bottom
In my case, JOBU needs a DPA.  Thanks for canning such wonderful refreshment JOBU and I hope you have been able to enjoy a DPA since you canned this one!  Our third five star beer!
north coast blue star wheat beer
Up next we have North Coast’s Blue Star Wheat Beer.  Coming in at an easy 4.5% ABV this is a solid wheat beer.  It has a nice head that slowly dissipated as you drink it.  After it does, you’ll probably notice that it has a fair amount of sediment floating around in there.  Pay it no mind and enjoy the wheat smell you get on first sniff.  From there, you’ll get an intriguing combo of citrus fruits that finishes crisp.  It’s pretty carbonated but I think that helps the flavor come through.  A good beer on a hot day.

I’m drinking the Palmetto 843 Wit right now as I type this and will be back to finish off the mix pack.  We have Brew at the Zoo on Friday and I can’t wait for that.  It has a 60% chance of rain right now in the forecast, but considering just how awful every weatherman in Columbia is at predicting the weather, I’m taking that as a good sign.  I haven’t seen a list of breweries that will be there, but I’m sure all of the Columbia based ones will be.  We haven’t done much with Conquest or Swamp Cabbage so we need to give them a shot here on the blog coming up.  Kendall will have the full report on Brew at the Zoo next week, but I’ll be back before then to wrap up the mix pack.



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