Everybody’s Working for the Weekend

working for the weekend
Every time I hear this song without fail this is the first thing I think of.  One of Farley’s many great skits on SNL back when SNL was good.  We made a nice dent in our new mix pack and made a REALLY nice dent on the six pack of Coast’s Boy King Imperial IPA that we picked up.  Make sure to follow me on Untappd and Twitter for immediate star ratings for the selected beers.  You can find my Twitter to on the right side of the page and just search for me on Untappd.

Before I get into the ratings, I have to share this job opening with you.  The Smithsonian is hiring its first ever beer historian.  I think it’s awesome and I can’t wait to see who ends up getting it.  I know what you’re thinking though and the answer is no, I did not apply.  While I think I fit most of the criteria, the Buchanan family has their brown eyes set on some other things beer wise.

anchor mango wheat
Up first today we have Anchor’s Mango Wheat.  They describe it as “crisply refreshing and tropically aromatic” and I would have to agree with them.  This is the second mango beer we have reviewed here (see our Mother’s Day post) for the first one.  I rated this one just a tad bit higher for a couple of reasons.  The first is the appearance, as you can see above it has a nice foamy head.  The second is the scent.  Don’t get me wrong, I really like the mango scent in the Harpoon beer, but this one is a little more subtle on the nose and on the palate.  At an easy drinking 4.5% ABV this one really hit the spot.
river rat twisted lemon wheat
Up next we have another River Rat beer, the Twisted Lemon Wheat Ale.  River Rat has become a regular on this blog, as this is the fourth beer we have sampled by them.  We started with their award winning pilsner, followed up with the red ale, and my personal favorite of theirs, the kolsch.  Could this stand up to the lofty expectations they have set for themselves?  The answer is yes.  I expected it to be a little more tart but it wasn’t, it was just easy drinking.  It has a solid 5.2% ABV so you can have a few of these if you want.  I keep saying you can put River Rat beers in your cooler for a trip out to the lake and you should.  I do want to try this again and just drink it out of the bottle to see if I like it better.  The reason being it had a slightly nutty smell to it.  It didn’t distract from the flavor in my opinion, but it did seem to bother Kendall.  Other than that, tip your glass up to River Rat because these guys are good.
coast boy king imperial ipa
Bringing up the rear today we have Coast’s Boy King Double Imperial Pale Ale.  Before I go any further, as owner, editor, primary writer, and el jefe of this website, I am reserving the right to come back and re-rate this beer.  As you can see I we have two different glasses above.  I drank the one in the English Pint and Kendall drank the one out of the Sierra Nevada IPA glass.  Coast recommends that you drink this out of a tulip or a snifter.  I still have two of these guys left so I’m going to pick up a tulip glass and try that.  I’ll put that in a separate post.  Now, this beer is damn good.  It’s a rotating one that packs a punch at 9.7% ABV, so drink carefully.  This is meant to be enjoyed and is an easy one to do so.  It uses six hop varieties but has a thicker, maltier feel to it than I expected it.  It is very smooth and I can’t wait to try this in a new glass.

That’s all for today.  Kendall is up at a baby shower for our good friend Jen and we will be heading to another baby shower later today for Anne and Brian.  Anne told me to hang on to my Dale’s Pale Ale because in seven weeks she’ll be able to drink it.  Well, I’m not holding out seven weeks to drink a Dale’s Pale Ale but I’ll be sure to buy her a six pack of it when Benjamin decides to join us.



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