Hello from the othersiiide!  I must have checked this site a thousand times!!!!  To see your insights, on breaking down beer, but no posts have led, to my greatest fear.  Hello from the othersiide!

Ok, that wasn’t weird right?  I’m really sorry for the break in posts, but there were a few reasons why we have been delayed.  Due this there will be bonus content from outside the new mix pack, plus a new mix pack, plus we have Brew at the Zoo on the horizon next week so it’s exciting!

I first want to say RIP to Ms. Cleo.  I saw on Twitter today that she passed away and immediately texted my old friend Courtney.  You see, when we were in our younger days, Courtney and I would drink beer and call Ms. Cleo.  We certainly weren’t drinking craft beer (mostly Natty), but we thought we were being crafty by calling and hanging up just before the free two minutes ended.  I don’t think we ever got a horoscope done but thinking about that made me smile.  Thanks for the memories Ms. Cleo!
blowing rock summer ale
So what have we been up to these last couple of weeks?  Outside of watching an abnormal amount of Family Feud (Steve Harvey should host everything, Grammys, Oscars, ESPYS, WWE Hall of Fame, Ms. Universe, anything, the man is hysterical) we have been on the lake quite a bit.  Above you see my favorite summer beer, Blowing Rock Summer Ale.  I think this beer tastes exactly like what a boat ride should.  This beer should be consumed out of the can and enjoyed thoroughly.  I poured one in my Yeti tumbler (thank you Betsy!) and it didn’t taste quite the same.  I will say that this year I think they went a little heavier on the coriander spice than they did last year, but not enough to make me downgrade this.  It honestly tastes more like a saison than an ale, but I’m not going to split straws with you.
red brick casual session ipa
Up next we have Red Brick’s Casual Session IPA.  Amazingly, I couldn’t find too many other reviews of this online.  I like to think my Google skills are top notch but for whatever reason there weren’t any.  Now, this beer comes in at a light 4.5% so I figured the bitterness would be milder and boy was a I wrong.  They use five different hops in the making of it and you can taste it.  It is very in your face and it took me off guard.  You can tip these back because of it’s ABV but just be prepared for a LOT of hops.
green man runseeker pils
Here is another beer that I couldn’t find a lot on.  Green Man’s Sunseeker Pilsner.  Now, #asweallknow I love me some Pilsners.  Smooth and light and perfect for this miserable summer heat here in Columbia.  This one is good.  I liked it quite a bit.  Smooth was the best way I could describe it while on Untappd.  We have been spoiled with some good pilsners (here, here, and here) and this one fits right in.
shebeen fore session ipa
Now on the tee we have Shebeen’s Fore Session IPA.  I don’t have a link as their site wasn’t working today so you could say that putt lipped out.  On the tee, this beer looks great, with a Callaway sized head and a pretty coloring….a bit like an 8-iron drawing in from about 160 out.  It smelled like a golf course.  I’m just kidding, it didn’t, it smelled like an IPA.  Floral notes with some citrus, but it does have a grassy flavor to it.  I liked it and you will like it too.
oskar blues beerito
Sitting in the cinco hole today we have Oskar Blues Brewery’s Beerito.  Oskar Blues is a favorite brewery of mine and we’ll have another one of their products in the next mix pack.  Originally, this mix pack was going to be all Oskar Blues beers but somebody who hasn’t blogged in awhile had other ideas.  Anyways, this is the Oskar Blues take on a Mexican lager, think Dos Equis.  It’s only 4% ABV so this can be enjoyed by the pool or at a siesta.  It’s a nice amber color with a fluffy head that sticks around.  I’m not a huge fan of the packaging though.  Oskar Blues is widely credited as the first craft brewer to can their beer with Dale’s Pale Ale (more on that later) but they should think about the can for this next year.  The beer itself is good, it’s better than XX and had a nice malty flavor to it.
sam adams rebel grapefruit ipa
I am actually drinking this beer right now.  Not the one pictured above as I took that one last week, but I am currently drinking the remnants of a Sam Adams Rebel Grapefruit IPA as I type.  I will say that I am spoiled by Ballast Point’s Grapefruit Sculpin IPA.  It might be the best beer have ever tasted.  But this Sam Adams Grapefruit IPA more than holds its own.  Beautiful head, some good lace, powerful grapefruit aroma, and a nice hoppy burst makes this a damn good grapefruit beer.  Grapefruits and IPAs go together so go give this beer a shot.  Thanks Trip for turning me on to these!
hoegaarden blanche
Wrapping up we have the Hoegaarden Wit-Blanche.  Once again, we are having Deutches bier!  Es ist sehr gut!  When it is hotter than blazes outside this is a nice refreshing treat to try and cool yourself down.  Two fingers of head and a lemon and this goes down very smooth.  The one thing that brings it down is that it has a slightly metallic smell to it.  When you pour it, make sure you leave a little beer left in the bottle.  Take that last little bit and swirl it to mix up the yeast and then pour it in the glass to get the remainder of that head.  These instructions are on the bottle but if you’re like me you never pay attention to that stuff.

I stopped by the Vino Garage and picked up a new mix pack.  He also had a supply of Coast’s Boy King Imperial IPA that I picked up a sixer of.  If you remember from my Mexican Cake post this is another limited release beer.  I’ll do a separate post on this.  Maybe before the mix pack, maybe after, or maybe in between.  There is only one way to find out!  What’s in the next mix pack?  Well, we definitely went wheat heavy, but it’s hotter than hell so when in Rome:
1. Oskar Blues Dale’s Pale Ale
2. Palmetto Brewing Island Wit
3. Anchor’s Mango Wheat
4. North Coast Blue Star Wheat
5. War Flag American Pilsner
6. River Rat Twisted Lemon Wheat

Until next time that is hopefully in like a couple of days instead of a week, cheers!



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