Getting Imported

We finally got the fridge cleared out of the last couple of beers.  If you’ll recall last week we knocked out some of the American crafts that were lingering in the fridge.  Over the weekend I was able to finish off the two imports and I’ll review them in a minute.  We also took a trip out to the lake, stopped by the Vino Garage to pick up a new mix pack, and found some Blowing Rock Summer Ale!  I may have gotten a bit sunburned and we also spent a night at the Staybridge Suites thanks to a faulty AC.  Quite the weekend I’d say!  So, the burning question is how did the beers taste right?
lucky buddah lager
First up we’ll go with the Lucky Buddha Lager.  Obviously the first thing you’ll notice is the bottle itself.  I first had this beer at a happy hour and my buddy Jeff was drinking it.  I obviously had to try it for myself.  I mean, who could turn that bottle down?  One of the first posts I did WAY back in the day was about beers in a green bottle.  Obviously the Rolling Rock bottle I was referring to didn’t look like that, but what bottle does?  Alright, back on track.  It tastes pretty good.  It’s a lager in a green bottle shaped like Buddha and that’s the appeal.  It’s light and crisp and pretty refreshing.  It checks in at 4.8% ABV so you can enjoy a couple of these without getting into trouble.  If you’re looking for taste this isn’t the beer for you.  Honestly if it was in just a normal bottle I would rate it lower, but the bottle gives it an extra star.

taj mahal lager
Up next we have the Taj Mahal Lager.  Like the Lucky Buddha, this also has a unique glass.  Unlike the Lucky Buddha, this is not shaped like Buddha.  Nor is it shaped like the Taj Mahal.  It’s just larger than most.  Like the Lucky Buddha, it’s just a typical lager.  Unlike the lucky Buddha, I actually poured this into a glass.  You can see the small white head it has.  The glass did not retain any lacing.  It’s just a crisp beer with a slightly buttery aroma.  Nothing special to it.  My only advice is to keep this cold.
Alright, that cleans out the fridge.  I’ll be back tomorrow to talk about the lake and get into the new mix pack.



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