westbrook mexican cake
Kendall’s blog pictures are so much prettier than mine, but then again, so is she amirite?  So, as some of us know, Mexican Cake recently came out.  It is their Anniversary Beer that they brewed to celebrate a year in business and now every year the release a limited batch to the public.  It’s difficult to get.  As all of you know, my supplier is Vino Garage, but I also follow local beer luminaries like Craft and Draft and Green’s on social media and those guys sold out quick.  Because of this, I wanted to share this article with you.  The moral of the story is this stuff is hard to come by sometimes, even for the most popular of beer stores.  Which means that it is most likely going to be reserved for the store’s regulars who come in all the time and by lots and lots of Westbrook beer (ahem, cough, Kendall, cough, One Claw).  Gotta keep the consistently paying customers happy.  Want some next year?  Go by your local craft store weekly and start building that relationship!

Now, what did I think of this rare treat?  Well, I had positive mixed feelings about it.  If you’re a regular reader then you know I’m not a huge dark beer guy (we’re talking about beer right?) overall.  That being said, with its limited release and its very high ratings on Beer Advocate I had to try it, so I was able to get my hands on a bottle.  As you can see from the picture above it looks like motor oil for the most part, with a reddish brown head that lasts for quite awhile.  I didn’t get a lot of lacing out of it on the glass, but I’m not sure the pint glass was the best to use (one would think I would have learned my lesson about glassware here and here).  I didn’t get much chocolate at any point, but I definitely got the vanilla scent and tasted it on first sip.  It’s very smooth and the complexity of it as I was tasting it was fascinating.  When you finish your sip, they do not try to hide the pepper.  It’s a whopper of a beer at 10.5% ABV so take your time while you’re enjoying it because it can knock you on your ass.

Now, what did I think of it after describing the taste?  I liked it to an extent.  It is a VERY tasty beer.  I liked how smooth and complex it was.  I could use a little less pepper, but that’s just me.  My biggest issue is the timing of its release.  I know porters and stouts are released year round, but this one is released now.  And it’s hot.  Boiling, humid, sweaty, leave your sport coat in the car and thank God you have cooled seats hot.  Not quite August please dump a cold bucket of water on my head hot, but hot nonetheless.  I know we can’t help our anniversaries, hell, ours is next week!  I want to drink this beer in November and December.  Not June.  That’s my only issue with it.  If you are a dark beer guy then get your hands on this if you can.  And if you can get it when the weather is cold let me know.

I’ll be watching the Yardcocks this weekend in the Supers in Aiken, so I’ll see if I can bring some of Aiken Brewing Company’s beers to the blog next week.  I’ll also pick up a new mix pack early next week to blog about.

Song of the week:  Tom Petty and Stevie Nicks, “Learning to Fly.”



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