Happy Memorial Day + Taste Test: Glassware

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Happy Memorial Day!

We first want to start by wishing everyone a very happy Memorial Day!  We honor the men and women – and their families – that have made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms.  While it surely isn’t enough, we simply say THANK YOU!

In honor of Memorial Day, we couldn’t think of anything more American than a good old fashioned beer tasting.  About two weeks ago, we were doing dishes and I realized how many different types of beer glasses we had.  My Dad bought a variety pack for Franklin when he started the beer blog 1.0, but we’ve never really investigated the point of them.  I simply found one or two that I liked holding the best and I’ve tended to use them for any beer I drink without regard to the style of beer.  Well, looking at how much room they were taking up in our cabinet got me thinking… Does the beer glass make the beer?  Is it even worth it to have such a variety?  We’re on the hunt to find out the answer and are starting our trip with an old friend: Fatty’s IPA.

Fatty’s is the first of three IPAs that we will be using for Round 1 of the glassware taste test.  We chose to start with IPAs after Franklin took a trip to the Vino Garage and shared our plans with the proprietor, Doug.  He loved the idea of this experiment and helped Franklin select three varieties of IPAs as he thought they would each bring a little something different.  Fatty’s was a natural selection because it still sits as the highest rated beer so far on the blog and tastes great in any glass.  At Doug’s suggestion, we added Westbrook’s IPA as it is blends four hops and Founder’s Mosaic Promise because it only uses one hop.

Now that we had the beer, the question became which glasses do we use?  As Kendall mentioned above (I just realized you probably don’t know who is writing each paragraph) we have several beer glasses from which to choose.  After some online research, I found most sites completely contradict the others on the types of glasses for IPAs.  Some sites say use a pint glass, another said use a mug, one said a tulip, etc.  Here is a link to a Beer Advocate article to do some reading up on it yourself.  Given all of the confusion, we did what we do best: chose for ourselves.  We decided to use our EngenuitySC pint glass and our Sierra Nevada IPA glass to start our experiment.

Now, without further ado, here’s Fatty’s.

Fatty’s IPA in a regular beer glass v an IPA glass


While the head may look better in the regular beer glass, don’t let the first impression trick you.  Overall, we could definitely tell a difference in the two glasses and thought it tasted significantly better in the IPA glass.  First, we could actually smell the beer in the IPA glass.  From there, it simply tasted better.  We could also see the carbonation in the beer continue to develop as we drank from the IPA glass whereas you had to really look for the bubbles in the normal glass.  We probably wouldn’t have noticed had we not been comparing the two, but now that we have, we would definitely recommend drinking this delicious IPA from a true IPA glass.

For the second IPA, the Sierra Nevada glass will advance and we’ll compare it to a larger version of the same type of glass using Westbrook’s IPA.

Until then, cheers!
Kendall and Franklin



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