Finishing What We Started

anderson valley boont amber ale
A day late but no dollars short (thanks to good deals at Vino Garage) to finish off last week’s mix pack.  Why so late?  Well, sometimes around the Buchanan household we need something a little stronger than beer.  Especially when Texas A&M comes to town and takes 2/3 from the Yardcocks.

Anyway, let’s get to it shall we?  Above you’ll see Anderson Valley’s Boont Amber Ale.  What you also see is a delicious and well-balanced brew that satisfies.  The head sinks a little sooner than you’d like but while it’s there (and really even after it disappears) you can smell the malty goodness.  On first taste it has a little more hop than I was expecting and it subtly lingers in a very positive way.  It finishes with a caramely sweetness that begs you to come back for another sip.  The only thing about this beer that I had to think about was how it compares to their Summer Solstice (to be reviewed later, spoiler alert, it’s really good).  It’s heavier for sure, but the taste is similar.  I don’t know if I should give them an extra 1/2* for consistency or penalize for being so close in taste, so I’ll do neither and just say buy this beer.
brewery 85 southern style pale ale
Up next we have Brewery 85’s Southern Style Pale Ale.  We attempted to review this in our first mix pack but vacuuming got in the way.  This one just didn’t turn me on.  If you only judged this book by its cover, then you’d be impressed.  It’s a pretty amber color with a nice head on it that sticks around.  It has a nice floral scent to it but that’s where the good stuff (for me at least) pretty much ends.  It was a little too bitter for me and lacked the balance I had hoped for.  It’s not terrible and it did get a little better as I drank it, but overall I was pretty disappointed in this.  That’s the second disappointment from them so we’re going to keep them out of the mix pack for awhile.
Alright, now that concludes last week’s mix pack.  Let’s take a look and see what is going in our beer glass this week.
1. Founder’s All Day IPA Session Ale
2. Three Ring Brewing Company Hi-Wire Lager
3. Bell’s Oberon Ale
4. DuClaw Brewing Morgazm Grapefruit Zested Blonde Ale
5. River Rat American Kolsch Story
6. Orange Blossom Honey Pilsner
founders all day session ale
Ohhh, you thought I was done?  Nah, I was late getting these last reviews to you so the least I can do is review one of the beers in the new mix pack right?  We stopped at the Vino Garage yesterday on the way home from work and got these guys cold to get started tonight.  I went with the Founders All Day IPA as a good way to start.  As we all know (click here if you don’t) our first Founders review was of their Porter.  This one doesn’t rate as high as the porter, but that’s not a bad thing.  On the front end you get a good hoppy smell and the initial taste follows with that hoppy bitterness.  I think I got a hint of lemon and it finishes somewhat clean…it lingers a little and that knocks it a bit.  With a Session Ale I want to finish my beer wanting to be able to drink several more and with this I just didn’t see it.  I enjoyed it and will drink it again if it’s on tap, but it lags behind some of the other IPAs we have tried here (see Fatty’s and Unknown).

Song of the (last) week is part of the reason for this delay!  Kendall and I went to the “I Love the 90’s” concert Friday night.  Pulling from that show we’re going with Coolio and “Gangsta’s Paradise.”



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