What are we drinking???

what are we drinkingI just realized something…..Kendall didn’t post what was actually in our mix pack in her latest installment!  Don’t worry, despite her dominating me in clicks right now, I am here to give you the info you need.  After stopping at Vino Garage on Monday, we decided it was time to give some love to a couple of the beers we missed due to snoozes and theft (from each other) to go along with some new ones.  I’ll go ahead and tell you the six along with leaving four reviews!
1. Gaffel Kolsch 
2. Unknown Brewery Scratch n Sniff IPA
3. River Rat Broad River Red Ale
4. New Holland White Hatter
5. Brewery 85 Southern Style American Pale Ale
6. Anderson Valley Boot Amber Ale

new holland white hatter

Up first we’re going to go with one of the previous beers we attempted to review.  If you clicked the link or read the review originally, you’ll remember that Kendall found it to be quite forgettable whereas I thought it was pretty decent.  After finishing one myself I’m going to go with relatively decent.  It is very carbonated and I think that hurts some of its flavor.  I admittedly drank it after working in the yard, so perhaps I should have gone with something else to quench my thirst, but a Belgian beer should do that.
Gaffel Kolsch
Up next is the Gaffel Kolsch.  Ahhh Deutsches bier!  I usually love German beer but I only liked this one.  If I had to pick a word it would be crisp which is not a bad thing.  It’s very light and smooth, but I can’t help but wonder if the long trip over from Germany had an impact on its taste.  It finishes very dry and doesn’t leave an aftertaste, but it also doesn’t leave you wanting more.  If you like Kolsches like I do it’s worth picking up and sampling it, but with so many other Kolsches out there I doubt I’ll pick this one up again for awhile.
Unknown Scratch n Sniff IPA
Batting in the three hole today we have Unknown Brewery’s Scratch n Sniff IPA.  Now that is a pretty beer isn’t it?  Unknown is based in Charlotte so I had some high hopes for this one considering the proximity and I was not let down at all.  With a title like Scratch n Sniff you have to expect it to smell good and it does.  It prepares the taste buds nicely as the flavor has a smooth hoppyness to it.  Bravo to this IPA.
River Rat Broad River Red Ale
We’re going to end our Thursday with River Rat’s Broad River Red Ale.  Before I get into it, I want to congratulate River Rat on its recent bronze medal award for the River Rat Pilsner (which was reviewed here) at the Brewer’s Association Craft Brewers Conference.  And just like with the Pilsner, River Rat delivers a solid Red Ale here.  You can taste the malts with a hint of caramel.  As Kendall pointed out to me earlier, it closes with a sweeter finish than you’d expect.  In a good way of course.  Pick this one up if you can, and we can’t wait to put another River Rat beer in our next mix pack.

I’ll leave it here and we will be back to review the last two beers on Saturday.  We’re going to the “I Love the 90’s” concert tomorrow night and may or may not be sitting on the front row.



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