Beers for the Weekend

Let me start by letting you know that Franklin is all-in on this blog.  In fact, he has been downright harassing me to post pretty much every minute we’ve been home over the last week.  He has now started promising others to expect a post tonight, so here’s to caving to peer pressure…

I had the pleasure of drinking two of the beers in the latest six pack.  Notice I said drinking, not trying.  In fact, I’ve had both of these before and they are two of my favorites.  I won’t keep you in suspense any longer.  First up: One Claw

westbrook one claw
One Claw by Westbrook


One Claw is absolutely one of my favorites.  It doesn’t hurt that: (a) it is Certified SC grown by Westbrook Brewing Co., based in Mt. Pleasant; or (b) the description on the can is downright fantastic.  And I quote:

“One Claw is a rye pale ale made with a heavy handful of malted rye and scoops of our favorite hop varieties. One Claw is dedicated to those who bring a Westbrook home, to a friend’s, or anywhere a delicious beer is needed. Cheers to you, fellow One Claw!”

As you can see from the picture, it has an orange coloring.  What you’ll also note is that it has some “stuff” (very technical term, I know) floating around in the glass.  So, note of caution – if you tend to get turned off by “stuff” floating in your beer, then this one may not be the beer for you.  If, on the other hand, you like something that is unique, stands on its own and has a uniquely styled, beach-ready can to boot, then drink on!  I can tell you that this beer is slightly sharp, but very drinkable.  It has a bit of carbonation (bubbles!) and has some citrusy flavoring that reminds me of summer.  It is even delicious out of a plastic cup with buttered popcorn while at the movies.  I tested it just for you, dear readers (I promise), when I had the chance to partake of the newly-established beer offerings at the movie theater last Saturday.  I’m not sure if it was the experience, the beer, or both, but it actually lasted quite well as the chill wore off, meaning I had the chance to continue to enjoy it past the 20+ minutes of previews and well into the packed showing of Captain America: Civil War.  (Great movie, by the way – much funnier than I expected.)

Last, but not least, is Bell’s Two Hearted Ale.

bells two hearted ale
Bell’s Two Hearted Ale

Bell’s Two Hearted is an American-style IPA.  Simply put, it is an iconic IPA.  Just Google it.  You’ll see, for example, that it has over 3,400 reviews on Beer Advocate and an overall rating of 95.  It can be a bit heavy for my taste buds if it isn’t pretty chilled, though (hence the cooled glass).  It smells great and is, overall, a dependable IPA that is delicious if you want something with a bit of bite to it, but that’s still entirely drinkable, even if I have no idea why there’s a huge fish on the front of the bottle.  That makes it perfect for a Friday night beverage after a long week of work (not that I’m speaking from experience… or am I?).

And there you have it!  Now, you can join me in wagering on how many seconds Franklin can last before talking about the next post on our newest six pack (pictured below to get your taste buds tingling).









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