May the Fourth Be With You

kylo ren

It’s one of my favorite days today because it’s an excuse to nerd out about Star Wars.  Speaking of… a huge shout out to my fellow Star Wars fanatic, Connelly-Anne, and her Anakin Skywalker (that’s right, I went there), Jay W, on the birth of their son Jack!  I have no doubt he’ll be a proud member of our fan club and enjoy many May Fourths in the future.

So, how does this relate to beer tasting, you ask?  Well, I love Star Wars and I love beer.  So, there.

I realized as Kendall was doing some planting that we owed the World Wide Web our feedback on the second half of our latest six pack.  If you’ve been keeping track, the first half of the pack included some solid beers from Carolina Brewery and River Rat.  The final three were good, pretty good, and, well, another incomplete thanks to a lazy Saturday.

coast dead arm pale ale
I’m going to get the one getting the incomplete out of the way.  You can blame Kendall.  We got home from Old Chicago after celebrating my birthday with family and were stuffed full of amazing pizza; she ended up snoozing before she could even get in a few sips.  She’s going to be irritated that I posted this, but that’s OK.  I know she’ll get her revenge in her future posts.  In the mean time, sorry, Coast Brewing.  We promise to review you again (er, for the first time, soon).  You too, Brewery 85.

fattys first shot ipa
Next up is Fatty’s First Shot IPA.  In my opinion, this is everything an IPA should be.  It pours a beautiful copper color and has a nice white head that sticks around.  You can smell a little grapefruit and that simply gets the taste buds ready for some hoppy pop.  The flavor bursts, but it’s not overly harsh and has just the right amount of bitterness.  I love this beer and you will too.  It gets an extra half star because it’s made by Dave McLain, a fellow Aiken native.  It has the honor of currently being our highest rated beer.
**** 3/4

new holland white hatter
Last but not least, we have New Holland’s White Hatter.  So this one was consumed, originally by me and then stolen by Kendall.  The problem is we drank it on Monday and did not make any notes.  It’s not going to get a formal star rating.  Instead, it will be like one of those football prospects that doesn’t have tape but has been seen live and so they don’t get a rating on the recruiting websites.  I first had this beer at Christmas as part of a mixed-pack that Anne and Brian gave me.  I really enjoyed it and remember it being very flavorful.  Kendall has little recollection of it and says it didn’t really stand out, which she argues is a good thing because, as she puts it, it’s better to be forgotten than remembered for all of the wrong reasons.  This doesn’t get an incomplete, but we will review it again so that we can actually give you some feedback.  In the meantime, I  say get it, and Kendall says maybe get it if you want.

What’s next?  Glad you asked.  Of course, we have to re-try two of the three above  Before we get to that, though, I went by the Vino Garage on Saturday and decided this was the week to step out of the comfort zone a little.  We’re going to try a fruit beer (which Doug says could be this summer’s trend) and then go to the dark side….and by the dark side I don’t mean Darth Vader.  We’re going to try a Porter (despite the fact that we own two Kylo Ren lightsabers and yes we duel with them) as well.  Neither one of us particularly likes dark or fruity beer, so Doug recommended one of each for us as a way to ease into them.

1.  Bell’s Two Hearted Ale
2.  Harpoon Camp Wannamango (love the Salute your Shorts reference here)
3.  Founders Porter
4.  Highland Early’s Hoppy Wheat
5.  Westbrook One Claw
6.  Southbound Brewing Scattered Sun

Until then, Cheers and May the Fourth be with you!


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