Halfway Gone

halfway gone

This Lifehouse album cover might be really weird and slightly creepy, but it really isn’t a bad song.  In fact, I’m going to start doing a Song of the Week to end my blog posts.  Maybe it’ll be on Saturday or maybe on Sunday but expect a link to an awesome song at the end of the posts.
So, we’re halfway through our second mix pack of the new world of Pick 6.  This week has been fun with some visits to Twisted Spur as documented by Kendall.  I can see the stats of this website by the way.  I know you all like her more than me as evidenced by the massive spike in views.  That’s ok though….I like her more than me too!  I’ll get right to the point now though, here are the first three reviews.
river rat pilsner

First up is the River Rat Pilsner.  This is a fantastic Pilsner and I highly recommend it.  River Rat, for those that don’t know, is a local brewer here in Columbia.  They have an awesome outdoor setup and the bar inside is pretty cool too.  For some strange reason, every time I go there it is always pouring down rain, so I haven’t played Cornhole or taken Riggins there yet.  All that being said, this beer will most certainly be in our cooler this summer when we go the beach with the fam.  It’s crisp, refreshing, and has a delightfully clean finish.  It is 4.6% ABV so it won’t knock you over quickly as a lot of crafts are capable of doing so drink up and enjoy them responsibly.
holy city slanted porch american pale ale
Up next is the Holy City Slanted Porch Pale Ale.  I poured this into a glass (sorry, no pic of that today) and it is a pretty beer.  It is a little murky with a little bit of head that didn’t last very long.  It has a weak but pleasant aroma to it.  This is where it took me a little off guard.  On first sip it comes across bolder than I anticipated, almost like an IPA.  That’s not a bad thing, it was just a little surprising.  It finishes a little bitter and not overly refreshing.  It’s pretty good and I look forward to trying this on draft.
carolina brewery sky blue
Up next is Carolina Brewery’s Sky Blue Golden Ale.  I generally try to be as anti-Tarheel as I possibly can, especially because USC didn’t offer any of those fake classes to pad my GPA, but this beer is fantastic.  Asformentioned (I know this isn’t a word, but it has been used by someone as a word before) with River Rat’s Pilsner, this is a must for your cooler this summer.  I drank this out of the can, so I can’t speak to it’s appearance, but I can speak to its refreshingness (also not a word….yet).  This is the best example of a Kolsch that I have found yet.  A Kolsch is, according to Beer Advocate, originated from Koln in Deutschland.  It has a light to medium body with a pale color (gonna take their word here because all I saw was Tarheel Blue).  There is nothing about it that hits you in the face, it just leaves you satisfied after being outside.

Kendall will be back tomorrow to review the other three.  I did stop by Vino Garage today to pick up another mix pack, but I’ll hold those back until tomorrow.

Song of the week, Halfway Gone by Lifehouse (gasp).



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