Pick Six Picks Three at the Twisted Spur Brewing

A few weeks ago, we attempted to go to the Twisted Spur Brewing for date night, which is one of the latest in a series of new restaurants in the Vista.  We were about a week too early, though, so we tried out Tin Lizzy’s Cantina instead (and thoroughly enjoyed the Three Amigos dip sampler).  Luckily, our second attempt was a resounding success… albeit one that wasn’t planned.

While on our way to Aiken over the weekend, we had planned to make a long-overdue trip to try out Newk’s in the Vista.  We’ve heard great things about their food and the menu looks absolutely delicious.  In his effort to find parking, our resident beer blogger (aka Franklin) had a bit of bad luck, which brought about a full on thanger moment (hanger + thirst for those new to the term).  Having quite a bit of experience in such matters, I decided that a visit to our newest local brewery was in order.  Given that it has only been open for a few weeks and that it was a beautiful day, I was truly surprised to find that there was only one table of people on their expansive front porch.  Of course, that was probably for the best given the aforementioned thanger state I was dealing with…

We were quickly seated on the covered porch and welcomed by one of the greatest servers we’ve had in recent memory.  Naturally, our primary attention was on the establishment’s draft beer selection, all of which are the product of their in-house brewmaster.  We were sold from the first sip.  We first tried the Southern Belle Blonde and the Twisted IPA, both of which were excellent.

Twisted IPA and Southern Belle Blonde courtesy of Twisted Spur Brewing

The Twisted IPA is described as a West Coast-style IPA with great citrus and pine aromas.  What is a West Coast IPA you ask?  Great question.  A quick Google search yields a variety of results, my favorite of which are as follows:

West Coast IPAs are known for the huge hop aroma bursting with notes of citrus and tropical fruits. Their malt character is understated, and they finish dry to let the layered hop flavors and aromas take center stage. –LA Times

The West Coast-style IPA… [is] an ever-evolving style loosely defined by its bracing bitterness, intense hop aromas, and higher-than-average alcohol content… –First We Feast

Our take?  It was extremely drinkable, even in warm weather, for an IPA.  Of course, we’ll give it another try on a non-thanger day and let you know if that had something to do with our opinion.

Next up was the Southern Belle Blonde, which was described as having “a touch of Vienna” (not really sure what that means) and having a finish that is clean with a slightly floral note.  I’ll have to confess, I haven’t quite figured out how to dissect a floral note in beer as of yet.  (I suppose that practice makes perfect?)  That being said, we both agreed that it certainly had a clean, crisp taste that was more akin to a light lager – but in all of the best ways – than the blondes we’re used to trying.

Given that it’s bad form to go to a brewery and not try at least half of their own creations, our third selection was the Dead Head Red.  Wow!  It’s described as an ale version of a Märzen from Germany (knowledge drop: one of my all-time faves, the Sam Adams Oktoberfest, is apparently also a Märzen per Beer Advocate) with a sweet and complex, malty backbone.  Franklin has boiled the description down to one fantastically simple word: smooth.  I concur.

Dead Head Red @ Twisted Spur Brewing

We had hoped to be able to test out their Hefeweizen, but apparently it’s so popular that they ran out the night before.  I guess we’ll just have to make another trip, although let’s hope that the next time we can make it without a parking and/or thanger debacle…

Kendall (posting from Franklin’s account because we’re still figuring out the blog techie stuff)




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