Halfway There

halfway there

Every time I think of this song, I get transported back to college AXO sorority parties and this was inevitably played and sung by the girls there.  I always thought that they changed the words to throw in Alpha Chi but Kendall disagrees.  She maintains all they did was sing really loudly.  I wonder what Apryl and Jaime think?

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention this in my last post.  You will be mentioned at some point as I blog.  Yes, you.

Alright, down to business.  You may have noticed the Twitter widget on the right of the main page that I have been rating the beers.  I’m rating them as I drink them in real time using the Untappd app.  I have no idea how to link to the app store so you can download it, but you can type it in.  It’s pretty cool but I’m still working with it and the ratings have not been what I actually wanted to put in.  So let’s find out what I ACTUALLY thought and I promise to get the rating in Untappd down soon!  Summaries and star ratings (out of five because that’s how we rate college athletes nowadays) are below.
left hand brewing introvert ipa
First up was the Left Hand Brewing Company Introvert IPA.  Now, what the hell is a Session IPA you ask?  It’s essentially an IPA with less alcohol, but feel free to check out this pretty informative piece from American Craft Beer on where the term comes from.  Initially this beer makes a good first impression.  A couple of things stood out, the first being that it is unfiltered.  That means there will be stuff floating around in your beer.  Pay it no mind.  It smells fantastic too.  Every time I raised a glass to take a sip, I would stop and inhale just a little to add that scent to it.  It really isn’t bad, but it really isn’t great either.  It finishes dry and leaves a bitter aftertaste.

highland saw whet saison
Next up was the Highland Saw-Whet Saison Ale.  I very much enjoyed this.  The picture above is their description of it and it is absolutely spot on.  It is tastes pretty carbonated but in a good way.  It has a bready feel to it (I feel like such a beer aficionado typing that) and they are not kidding at all when they say it finishes exceptionally dry.  Kendall sipped it and compared the finish to a brut champagne.  All in all, I enjoyed this and would buy again.
*** 1/2 (they don’t make a half star on this keyboard)

victory golden monkey
Finishing up our first round is the Victory Golden Monkey.  As you can see on the pic, it calls itself a Belgian-Style Tripel.  I had no idea what a Tripel was so let’s share what I found.  Beer Advocate tells  us that a Tripel is when the brewer uses three times the amount of malt than a standard “Trappist.”  I’ll have to try and buy a Trappist next time so we can explore what that is.  Or you can click through the links at Beer Advocate and find out now!  Anyway, I hated this.  So did Kendall.  It is very potent at 9.5% ABV but it tasted like a combination of malt liquor and heartburn.  We poured it out.

So that’s the end of the top of the inning.  Kendall and I are drinking our Brewery 85 right now.  I’ll Tweet my actual thoughts out but will have a post completing our first six pack at the end of the week.  Thanks for reading!




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