New Beer: Michelob Honey Lager and Clemson Prediction

michhoneyCollege football season could not have taken any longer to get here.  I was talking to my good friend Mr. Nichols before the Carolina game (ugly, but it was a win) and we equated it to the arrival of a child.  It’s something you’ve looked forward to for 9 long months and when it finally arrives you celebrate (unless you went to NC State).

As I’m typing, Georgia is doing everything humanly possible to throw away the game against Oklahoma State*, and I’m also drinking a very pleasant beer in Michelob Honey Lager.  As I was in the store, I saw a bunch of Michelob products that I’d never seen before.  They had a Pale Ale, a Blueberry, an IPA and the usual Amber Bock.  All of them were priced at the same $6.49 I paid for the Honey Lager.  I picked up Mrs. Beer a sixer of Amstel Light, as she wasn’t quite sold on the Honey Lager.

I first sampled this beer at Brew at the Zoo and came away impressed.  It was at the same station as Budweiser American Ale (awful beer in case you forgot) and made a mental note to try this one.  It’s reasonably priced and it really just tastes like Michelob Light with a little honey mixed in.  It’s very light and goes down smoothly

I’ve always been a fan of Michelob and I feel like they market their beers well.  I do miss the old Michelob Light golf ball cans they used to have.  It’s always the same classy Michelob cursive signature and the colors on the bottle reflect the taste it provides.

I’ll be back tomorrow with a final judgement on it.

Clemson FootballNow, the Clemson Tech kicks off the season tonight against Rick Stockstill’s Middle Tennessee State at 6.  You can’t help but wonder if Dabo Swinney will make out and dry hump Howard’s Rock again (see above picture) like he did against Georgia Tech last year when he first took over.  Clemson’s defense should be nasty this year with Bamberg native DaQuan Bowers making the lives of many quarterbacks miserable, but Clemson’s offensive coaching staff is pretty suspect.  Dabo’s never been a coordinator, Napier hasn’t either, and Brad Scott is well, Brad Scott.  That being said, this team still has Jacoby Ford and CJ Spiller, 2 of the fastest players in the ACC and they should be able to burn Middle Tennessee pretty well.

Clemson: 28

*There is nothing better in a game than having a competent announcer calling it.  Sean McDonough who called the USC game is also calling this UGA game and does a good job.  However, who in the hell thought it would be a good idea for idiots like Craig James and Matt Millen to step into a broadcast booth???  Craig James is drunk half the time and repeats the same sentence over and over, and Matt Millen has the personality of a moldy piece of bread.  Seriously!  Where are Ron Franklin and Mike Gottfried?

See you later.

Mr. Beer


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