Final Judgement: Bass and USC Preview

spurrierI know what you are asking.  What do the Head Ball Coach and Erin Andrews have anything to do with Bass’s Final Judgement?  Well, nothing.  Except for we have to predict the game and it just so happens Erin Andrews will be back on the sidelines after her unfortunate video issue…

I know I was supposed to post this last night, but our Arrow Tech fantasy football draft took longer than expected and Mrs. Beer wanted to watch NCIS on DVD after we got done.  This blogging thing is tough!

Bass was a good beer one at a time, however, I can’t see myself drinking more of it.  This spurred a lot of interest for me so I decided to look up some other Bass reviews and found myself in agreement with  most of them in regards to taste, drinkability, etc.  However, a lot of people that reviewed it felt like it was a backyard bbq type beer and I don’t see it.  It’s not something I’m going to reach for on a hot day at first go.  The sharp mouthfeel to it kind of disapointed me and really hurt its drinkability.  I like Bass quite a bit, however, I just don’t love it.

Taste: 7/10

Drinkability: 6/10

Price: 6/10

Availability: 8/10

Presentation: 7/10

Alcohol Content: 7/10

Overall: 6.8/10

Now, for the USC v. NC State game tonight….

The Gamecocks are a bit of an unkown going into this game while NC State has been named a sleeper in the ACC.  Russell Wilson is a solid QB and NC State should be able to move the ball some against a young and depleted Gamecock defense.  That being said, NC State’s defense is suspect, especially in the secondary.  If there is anything that the Head Ball Coach is good at, it’s exploiting a weakness in the opposing secondary.  This will be a close ballgame, but Carolina’s depth will prevail in the 4th quarter with a late TD run by Jarvis “Joystick” Giles to put the game away.

Gamecocks:  27

Wolfpack:  17

From a beer standpoint, we’ll be picking up some Sam Adams Octoberfest to start the night off, but will move over to the Beer family constant Bud Light after that.  Seeing as how both Mrs. Beer and I have to work tomorrow, it’s best not to drink too heavy a beer.

Mr. Beer


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