New Beer: Bass

bass2After drinking so much beer over the last few weeks, I took a small break last week to enjoy the company of my great friend Jack Daniels.  To me, there is nothing better tasting (no offense to beer) than Jack Daniels with a splash of ginger ale (lime preferred, but not required), and when it comes time for Fantasy Football, no other beverage is quite the company like Jack and Ginger.  Jack and Ginger has been a staple in my family for as long as I can remember.  It is virtually all Dad drinks and Mom usually drinks it as a starter before getting a beer.  I guess I fell in line with them.

Now, back to the issue at hand.  I picked up a sixer of Bass at the store and so far I’ve been quite pleased.  From Wikipedia:

Bass (pronounced /ˈbæs/ with a short a) is the name of a former brewery and the brand name for several English beersBurton upon Trent at Bass Brewery and still brewed in Burton on behalf of InBev by Marston’s. Bass is most particularly associated with their pale ale. The distinctive Red Triangle logo for Bass Pale Ale was Britain’s first registered trademark.

It has a rather sharp feel for it when you first drink it, but a good taste that goes down smooth.  From an appearance standpoint it has an impressive look to it.  The bottle is very plain and I like the red triangle look.  It pours nicely and has a smooth aroma to it.  I like it.  I’ll be back tomorrow for a final judgement.

Tomorrow starts game week.  I was listening to one of the local radio stations last week talking about how Clemson and Carolina would do if they played the opposite’s schedule.  Tomorrow we’ll examine that, and Wednesday you’ll get predictions for USC v. NC State, and Thursday you’ll get predictions for Clemson v. MTSU as well as some new beers.

Mr. Beer


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