Brew At The Zoo


Yes my friends finally it is here.  What you’ve all been waiting for.  A recap of Brew at the Zoo.  I was initially somewhat skeptical going into it to be perfectly honest.  Last year, my cousin Trip went and did not hide the fact that it was a nightmare.  Long lines, running out of beer, bad weather, and worse music were just a few of its flaws.  Whatever happened last year, they must have corrected for this year, because we had a great time.

We made our way into “Zone 1” (the beers were divided up into different zones) and decided to give Landshark a try.  This was our first experience with Landshark and it obviously led into a review.  Here is a picture of Mrs. Beer and I with the flamingos.

We saw a unit that had Budweiser American Ale on it and made the wise decision to bypass that particular beer.  They did, however, have a few nice Michelob samplers at the booth, including a honey wheat that was delightful.
IMG_0405We made our way over to the Sweetwater booth where I had the 420, and Mrs. Beer and Papa Beer (In Law) had the blueberry flavored beer.  I had a taste of Mrs. Beer’s and was quite repulsed.
IMG_0406When we saw the Heineken I naturally got excited.  Did you realize that Heineken was the world’s most distributed beer?  Well now you do.  I was going to save that little nugget until we actually reviewed it, but I got so excited about it I grew three arms (not a three legged horse).  Yes one of those is Heineken light.
IMG_0417And we hit what turned out to be the most pleasant surprise of the entire event.  I won’t give my whole back story on PBR right now (Mrs. Beer lets out a sigh of relief), I’ll save that one for the actual review.  But you know what, it’s a tasty beer.  Papa Beer (In Law) and I gave it a little sampler and appreciated its Americanness.
IMG_0420We finished our evening with some nice foreign beers, the caps of which have mysteriously disappeared so I cannot exactly name them.  Mrs. Beer decided to take a quick break and have a seat on the bronze Simba.
IMG_0436All in all I have to tip the cap to Riverbanks Zoo.  I don’t know about last year, but this year was a huge success.  They had a great crowd, a solid band, and some delicious beers.  Mrs. Beer and I missed the Lights at the Zoo last Christmas, but Brew at the Zoo more than made up for it and we are already looking forward to next year.

Mr. Beer


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