New Beer: Landshark

10-beers-you-must-drink-this-summer-landshark-lagerBefore we get into tonight’s new beer I have to recognize the season that is upon us.  That’s right…football season is finally here.  Sure, practice started a couple of weeks ago and the NFL has been playing preseason ball now for a couple of weeks, but today, football season truly began.  Mr. Beer received the all-important tailgating parking pass and, as if that weren’t enough, the first Steve Spurrier call-in show was held tonight.

On the subject of the call-in show, it was a particularly great night for The Beer Household, as Mrs. Beer won a Steve Spurrier Carolina hat from the Head Ball Coach himself.  Earlier in the evening, we decided to forgo our planned racquetball game owing to each of us having had a hard day at the office, instead choosing to properly commemorate the beginning of the Carolina Football season with 100 or so of our closest friends at Wild Wing.  Evidently (it was so damn loud in there we could hardly hear anything), Todd Ellis announced that the first female drinking a Coors Light to come forward would win the hat.  Well, truth be told, Mrs. Beer and I were both enjoying a cold Rolling Rock, but two fine Americans near us were drinking Coors and, having heard the announcement, pulled the old switcheroo so that Mrs. Beer could take the proper beverage up to the stage.   Upon her arrival, the Head Ball Coach tossed her the hat.

While we’re still on the subject of football, tune in to the blog every Wednesday for Clemson football predictions and every Thursday for Carolina football predictions (if Carolina plays on a Thursday then we will switch it up).

Now that I’ve shared the latest and greateest, back  to the issue at hand.

I picked up a 12-pack of Landshark the other day and I have to say that this is a tasty beverage.  I first sampled it at Brew at the Zoo (I swear I’ll post pictures from that at some point) and came away impressed.  It was hot and the Landshark went well with the heat. Very refreshing.

From Wikipedia:

Land Shark Lager is a beer brewed by Anheuser-Busch and marketed as a part of Jimmy Buffett‘s “Margaritaville” brand. The beer currently holds naming rights for Land Shark Stadium, home of the Miami Dolphins, Florida MarlinsMiami Hurricanes football team. Land Shark Lager is brewed with a secret blend of 17 herbs and spices.

The beverage’s name derives from the landshark, a character portrayed by Chevy Chase in the TV show Saturday Night Live as well as Jimmy Buffett‘s song about Landsharks, “Fins”.

Here we are with yet another AB beer.  I did not realize they had such a stranglehold on the beer market.  I knew this was a Buffett beer, but I have to give AB credit for brewing a tasty beverage.  After our last experience, I’m happy to report this one is worth picking up.  Mrs. Beer doesn’t care for the look of the bottle (too similar to MGD – a beer she’d  prefer to forget sooner rather than later)  but I happen to like it.  I have no doubt she will too… once she gets past the packaging.  It shouts to you “drink me on a hot day!”  Mrs. Beer thinks it screams “cheap gold jewelry!”  While MGD may have the taste equivalent of cheap gold jewelry, Landshark, thankfully, has the taste of pure excellence.

I’ll be back with a final judgement.

Mr. Beer


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