Final Judgement: Harp


To say that this past week has been, well, rough, would be like saying Tiger Woods got owned at the PGA Championship.  Without getting into the nitty gritty details of a long work week, my cousin Wylie and I decided to challenge downtown Columbia to a fight on Friday, while Mrs. Beer and the girls went to Bonefish (where else) for a girls’ night.  We met up with the somewhat recently engaged Bob and Heather at Flying Saucer (a new favorite location of mine) where Bob had a few recommendations for us to sample.   

The Delirium Tremens was the starter (although Mr. E Beer originally introduced me to that one), and with its alcohol by volume it’s got a hell of an engine to it.  Bob recommended a couple of German beers whose names I can’t remember.  They were darker, and tasted good, but they weren’t the best choice for a muggy summer night in downtown Columbia.  Well, at night’s end we were at Pavlov’s, which is never good when you are in your upper 20s… for any occasion.  It did give me an opportunity to see some folks I hadn’t seen in a while, including a few Kappa Sigs and the best referee the CIBL has ever seen.  I woke up Saturday morning with a headache and I could somewhere hear Toby Keith singing “I Ain’t As Good As I Once Was” in the backgrounds, echoing the fact that, well, Mr. Beer has gotten old.  Maybe I’m just out of practice.  I can hear my friend Mr. Nichols now, quoting the legendary Earl Bascom “If it ain’t lame, then it ain’t tame.”  I think I got that one right.

So, now back to the issue at hand.  Harp is a pretty decent beer.  I enjoyed it, but I didn’t enjoy how much I paid for it ($8.99/sixer).  It’s got a crisp bite to it and an ok finish, but it left something to be desired (perhaps ½ pint of Guinness).  It’s not a beer I’ll want to drink on game day, or even in large quantities.  It’s more of a sampler beer at Flying Saucer (which, Mr. Beer is now an MVP card holder again – thanks Heather for hooking that up).  I’m not sure where the marketing of it goes – I know the linkage to Guinness just from my appreciation for Black and Tans, but the question is does a lifelong Budweiser drinker know it (Mrs. Beer didn’t).  Perhaps at some point we’ll mix it up some and do a Black and Tan taste test and Harp can re-enter the fold.  But until then, it will remain on the shelves and out of the fridge at the Beer household.

Taste:  6/10

Drinkability:  5.5/10

Price:  3.5/10

Availability:  8.5/10

Alcohol Content:  7/10

Presentation:  5/10

Overall:  5.9/10

Stay tuned for a new beer.

Mr. Beer


One thought on “Final Judgement: Harp

  1. Harp used to be one of my favorite brews a few years back, but having recently re-tried it I unfortunately couldn’t agree more.

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