New Beer: Harp


It’s been awhile since my last post I know…but even Mr. Beer deserves a vacation, right?  Anyways, we’ll introduce a new beer tonight and as soon as I can upload the pictures we’ll go over brew at the zoo. 

This beer has actually been sitting in my fridge for the better part of 2 weeks.  I was in the store discussing Carolina football with my good friend Alex when he recommended I give Harp a try. 

From Wikipedia: 

Harp Lager (Harp Irish Lager since 1997) is a pale lager brand owned by Diageo. It is brewed in The Great Northern Brewery, Dundalk for Ireland, the Labatt‘s brewery for Canada and the Hydes brewery for Great Britain. In Australia distribution is handled by Carlton & United Breweries. In Great Britain distribution is handled by Bargain Beer Supplies.

At first taste it was kind of bitter, but as it goes along it ends up finishing rather pleasantly.  Mrs. Beer found it rather forgettable, but she only drank one (she’s now sipping on a Bud Light).  I believe her quote was “no opinion strong enough to remember.” 

It’s good and I like it…I just don’t love it.  I do want to get some Guinness to go along with it as a Black and Tan, but  I’ll be back tomorrow with a final judgment.

Mr. Beer


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