Light Beer Taste Test


As I write this blog, I am sipping on one of Mrs. Beer’s Sweetwater 420s that served as her beer of choice while I so painfully consumed the MGD.  We’ll have a new beer tomorrow courtesy of my good friend Alex.

The light beer taste test was interesting for me to say the least.  I “administered” the session, while the guinea pigs were:
Sarah (not the Sarah from work, she punked out on us)
T’amanda (don’t ask because I’m not going to explain)
And, of course, Mrs. Beer

We sampled Coors Light, Miller Lite, Michelob Light, Bud Light, Natural Light, and Busch Light.  Each of my guinea pigs emailed me any “preconcieved notions” about the beers, then  I put them all in a random order and gave each person 1/2 a beer (or in Sam’s case a full one) to drink out of a glass.  The guinea pigs then tried to guess the beer and rated them on taste and drinkability.

BEER #1:  Coors Light
Beer #1 probably entertained me the most, watching them all be SO CERTAIN it was either Natty or Busch.  Most everyone thought it was Natty, with Michelob and Busch getting a vote too.
Taste: 3.5/10

BEER #2:  Miller Lite
Nobody there was really much of a fan of Miller Lite, especially yours truly.  Granted, Mrs. Beer used to be a Miller girl…you all know that, but it was funny as hell watching them all grimace while drinking it.  Maria even said it smelled like a perm.  Granted, everybody but Maria thought it was either Natty or Busch – she actually got this one right (probably cheated).  They honestly thought I would put the 2 “cheap” beers first…
Taste: 3.2/10
Drinkability:  4.7/10

BEER #3:  Natural Light
By this point, everyone thought they had consumed good ole Natty Light, which really made me laugh because coming into our little experiment everyone called Natty “disgusting” or “redneck” or something along those lines.  Little did they know they would ultimately enjoy it!  Most everyone thought it was either Michelob or Coors and nobody picked it correctly.  I think the only thing that I enjoyed more than them thinking it was a “nicer” beer was watching them all like a “redneck beer.”
Taste:  6.3/10
Drinkability:  7.3/10

BEER #4:  Michelob Light
This one was probably the second most intriguing for me, considering I hadn’t had a Michelob product in a while and nobody there really had either (except Maria, who drinks Michelob Ultra, but that’s nothing more than Dasani with a drop of alcohol in it).  I used to drink a lot of Michelob my freshman year but for whatever reason stopped.  In all likelihood, it probably had something to do with drinking a lot of it my freshman year, but that’s something to consider more thoroughly at a later date… Most everyone thought it was Miller, which really took me off guard considering Miller (in my opinion) tastes like horse piss (not that I know what that tastes like, but it probably tastes a lot like Miller Lite). 
Taste:  5.1/10 
Drinkability:  6.5/10

BEER #5:  Bud Light
I don’t know this to be a fact, but Bud Light is one of the world’s most consumed beers (we’ll look this up more when we actually rate it ourselves) and it sort of showed, with Sam, Courtney, T’amanda, Sarah, and Mrs. Beer all getting it correct.  In fact, Mrs. Beer said that she would have to seriously rethink her priorities if she got this one wrong.  Good thing she didn’t or I may be in for a world of hurting.  Maria, Marcia, and Catherine all thought it was Coors.  Holla at the winnahs!
Taste:  6.7/10
Drinkability:  7.8/10

BEER #5:  Busch Light
Ahh, Busch Light.  Boy does this bring back memories.  As with Natty, everyone here except Amanda (the “Amanda” part of T’amanda) and, to an extent Marcia, gave it a good rating and seemed to thoroughly enjoy it eventhough they dogged it beforehand.  The votes were split between Bud Light, Coors Light, and Miller Lite, but nobody picked this one correctly.
Taste:  6.6/10
Drinkability:  7.6/10

So Bud Light was our winner for best taste and drinkability, which they take credit for on their commercials (which suck).  Busch Light was a close 2nd, but considering it’s an AB brand that isn’t really surprising.  Basically what it boiled down to was that nobody really likes Light Beer all that much, and it is only consumed because it goes down easy (that’s what she said) and is relatively cheap to buy.  As judge, jury, and administrator of our little experiment, I did sample all of the brews judged and enjoyed Coors Light the most, followed by Michelob.  Mrs. Beer, not surprisingly, has her own judgements and believes that much of the results are due to the beers being sampled out of a glass rather than the bottle.  More than once she commented on this matter as she typically frowns on pouring a perfectly good, bottled light beer into a glass.  Case in point – she never noticed until the taste test that Miller Light has a strange odor as she had never felt it necessary to smell the bottle opening. 

Thanks to Maria for hosting and making the buffalo chicken dip.  I don’t really remember who made the rest of the appetizers (I think Courtney made the pizza dip), but to those that did thank you for doing so.  We’ll do this again sometime soon.  In the meantime, Mrs. Beer, Papa Beer (in-law), and I will be sampling the offerings at Brew at the Zoo tomorrow, so check back for a breakdown of those brews.

Mr. Beer


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