Judgement: Sweetwater 420


So Mrs. Beer and I plowed right through the sixer of Sweetwater 420.  Which is a good thing.  Delicious beer.  It doesn’t have the taste or the bite of its IPA cousin, but it goes down a little easier (that’s what she said).  At 5.4% Alcohol By Volume, it has a little more than Budweiser American Ale and a little, well, we really don’t know how it compares to Sweetwater IPA, do we?

It went well with the steaks we had last night (I had the ribeye, Mrs. Beer had the filet) and it certainly pairs better with food than the IPA.  From personal experience though, I’ve found that darker beers pair better with a steak.

Sweetwater 003

Both Sweetwater brands taste better out of the glass, but after drinking all of this beer the past couple of weeks, I’m beginning to think all beer tastes better out of the glass. 

Sweetwater 002

My favorite part (outside of the taste) was this little gem on the back of the box.

Sweetwater 006

Quality over quantity.  That’s what my company preaches at the start of a relationship with a customer.  It’s part of the capitalist theory (not that Obama would ever understand that) – competition creates quality, quality creates quantity, quantity creates results.  Perhaps Budweiser should take that statement to heart the next time they try to come up with a new beer and actually put some effort into it. 

My biggest complaint (outside of it being slightly overpriced) would be its availability.  It’s all over the grocery stores, but I haven’t seen it at any of the few restaurants Mrs. Beer and I have visited since choosing this brand (not that we’ll be going back to Willy’s Foxfire, so I won’t be able to comment on any future beer’s availability at that locale).

All in all, it’s a sure bet that the Sweetwater brands will make their way back into the Beer Household, and, according to Mrs. Beer, sooner rather than later. 

Taste:  8.5/10

Drinkability:  9/10

Price:  7/10

Availability:  6/10

Alcohol Content:  7.5/10

Presentation:  8/10

Overall:  7.7/10

See you back here tomorrow for a new beer.

Mr. Beer


4 thoughts on “Judgement: Sweetwater 420

  1. What is the choice for the new beer? I’m picking up a 12 pack after class tonight and may get something different and post a mini review on these comments later this week.

  2. I think I may have been stuck in the bottle (JD) for too long. Over the years I have lost my taste for beer. Maybe I should experience a new beginning and start buying some of these beers and leave the Jack in the cabinet. You have inspired me Mr. Beer!!!!!!!!!!

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