Judgement: Sweetwater IPA


Before I get to Sweetwater IPA’s final judgement, Mrs. Beer and I did dinner and a movie (again) last night.  I was really wanting a steak so we decided to go over to Willy’s Foxfire Grill near the Columbiana Grande Cinema for the Maui Ribeye.  Needless to say, I was really excited…  Until we got there.  First, it took two requests to get a wine menu for Mrs. Beer.  Then, they were out of the mint, so they couldn’t fix me a mojito.  Truly disappointing.  Instead, I had to go with ole reliable – Jack and Ginger- and, not surprisingly,  they managed to screw that up.  It’s supposed to be simple – you mix a lot of Jack with a little Ginger, yet the “bartender” couldn’t quite put that together.  And to top it all off, the were OUT of the Maui Ribeye, but seeing as how that’s what makes them famous, they decided not to mention that until the last possible second.  As if it couldn’t get any worse, Mrs. Beer was apalled at the (lack of) cleanliness of the ladies room, and the waitress had the mental capacity of a 9 year old.  Clearly, we weren’t interested in spending the remainder of our Saturday evening in this environment.

So we went to Bonefish again and had the Longfin Tilapia.  Thank you, Bonefish, for being consistent and always delicious (although my mojito was still average).

Now…to the issue at hand.  I had heard about Sweetwater before, especially considering that my college roomate was from the ATL, but somehow or another I’d never had it.  To say the IPA is delicious is an understatement.  It has everything you want in a beer (except knowing the Alcohol By Content…I’m still searching) – clean taste, crisp finish, and just the right amount of bite to it.   It’s presentation with the bottle look and the color of the beer makes you anticipate the deliciousness that is about to hit your tastebuds.  The price is a little high, especially considering it is a regional beer, and the lack of Alcohol Content will hurt its final rating, but  I’ll be buying this one again (sooner rather than later if Mrs. Beer has anything to do with it) and I reccomend you do as well.

Taste:  9/10

Drinkability:  8.5/10

Price:  7/10

Availability:  6/10

Alcohol Content:  3.5/10

Presentation:  8/10

Overall:  7/10

Tune in tomorrow to hear first impressions of the 420.

Mr. Beer


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