New Beer(s): Sweetwater IPA and 420


Now that we are finished with the Budweiser American Ale debacle, it’s time to move along to a beer that actually (hopefully) tastes good.  Mrs. Beer and I were in Publix and saw the Sweetwater brands and decided to go ahead and pick up both the 420 and the IPA to see what they are all about.  As you can see from the above photo, a sixer of each is running $8.49.

From Wikipedia:

“The company was founded in 1997 by friends from the University of Colorado, Boulder, Kevin McNerney and Freddy Bensch. Originally on the west side of Atlanta near Charlie Brown Airport, as of 2004 it is located in Midtown Atlanta at 195 Ottley Drive, Atlanta GA 30324 in the Armor industrial district close to Ansley Park….Best known for their SweetWater 420 pale ale, they also make the popular SweetWater Blue, a wheat ale with hints of fresh blueberries. Other brews include the Sweetwater IPA, Georgia Brown, Happy Ending Imperial Stout, and the Festive Ale”

It being the end of a long work week and us needing more than just a cold one, we’re sampling the IPA tonight and will hit the 420 tomorrow.  So congratulations fellow beer drinkers, you’re getting an “Initial Review” and “Thought from the Glass” on IPA tonight, final judgement tomorrow, rinse, and repeat for the 420.

Truth be told, I really wasn’t sure what an IPA was up until now.  I knew it was a brand of beer, but wasn’t sure what it meant.

From Wikipedia:

“India Pale Ale, abbreviated IPA, is an ale that is light amber to copper in colour, medium to medium-high alcohol by volume, with hoppy, bitter and sometimes malty flavour.[1] IPA is a style of beer that is usually included in the broader category of pale ale. It was first brewed in England in the 18th century. Today, IPA is a popular style of beer among American craft brewers.”

I was a little concerned when I saw the word “hoppy” in that description, because of Budweiser’s American Ale’s boasting of its hoppy finish.  Now let me be clear…seriously…pretend this is Lou Holtz speaking here…LET ME BE CLEAR…this beer is NOTHING like American Ale.  It has a nice, clean, crisp flavor to it with just the right amount of bite to it to say “thank you sir, may I have another?”  It’s not filling and it’s a beer I want to drink at about 6:30 PM on a summer night.  Its aroma is intoxicating (and I wish I could quote you an Alcohol By Volume to tell you how intoxicating the beer is…but it’s not listed on the bottle label, packaging, or website  Strange considering the ABV is listed for all of the other brands.  I promise an investigation!).

This is a good beer and a good introductiong for me to an IPA.  It is delicious out of the glass as it will remove the metallic taste from the bottle (sound familiar?).  The label speaks of all natural ingredients and that it is unfiltered and not pasteurized leaving the original flavors intact.  Mrs. Beer is giving it 2 thumbs up and it is pairing nicely with our Domino’s Pizza. 

I’ll be back tomorrow with a judgement on the IPA and we’ll get kickstarted with the 420.

Thoughts?  Comments?  Agree?  Disagree?  Let me know.

Mr. Beer


2 thoughts on “New Beer(s): Sweetwater IPA and 420

  1. I love Sweetwater! I’ve been attempting to make it to the brewery on Friday nights, but it’s always sold out before 6:00!

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