Thoughts From The Glass: Budweiser American Ale

First off – sorry for the lack of a post yesterdy.  The Beer Family had a few technical difficulties, but we are back online tonight. 

As promised, Mrs. Beer was able to (finally) stock our household with some beer glasses (nice job dear!).  She was quite disappointed, though, by the lack of availability (and by lack of, she means not even a one) at local stores.  She had to visit three stores – one in Five Points and two on Devine Street – before finally heading to Target.  Luckily for me, she restrained herself (which is impressive) and focused on her mission at hand rather than buying half the store.  Mrs. Beer happily reported that Target had a plethora of choices to offer.

From popular brands such as Budweiser, Miller, and Heineken…











To more traditional stand-bys…


True to form, she chose beer glasses from a brand she could count on, Reidel.  Coincidentally, the Beer Family’s wine glasses are also Reidel, although not this line.







Now to the true test – or last straw as Mrs. Beer puts it – for Budweiser American Ale… To be fair, I will say that it tastes better out of the glass than in the bottle.  But, that’s not saying much, because it’s still not good.  It pours nicely and has a pleasant aroma to it, which, unfortunately, only sets you up for a bigger let down. 











After drinking one out of the glass, I’m left with the same feeling I had when I drank them out of the bottle…depressed.  Mrs. Beer refused to try it.  I eventually guilted her into it convinced her to take one sip, which she nearly spit out.  In an effort to get “that disgusting taste” out of her mouth, she chose to sample the new glasses using a Rolling Rock .  While my judgement has already been issued on that beer, I will say that Mrs. Beer thoroughly enjoyed it and claims that, while the green bottle does add something, it may possibly be even better out of the glass.  I had a few sips and share her sentiment.










I’ll be back tomorrow for Judgement Day.  See you then.

Mr. Beer


One thought on “Thoughts From The Glass: Budweiser American Ale

  1. American Ale isn’t very good…. I only know one person that likes it.

    As for Budweiser, I had forgotten how good that stuff actually his until watching a hockey game at the bar when a buddy bought a round of them. I had misremembered the taste, and it is one of my favorites now.

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