New Beer: Budweiser American Ale

American Ale

The start of a new week brings the start of a new beer.  We still have a few Rolling Rocks in the fridge, but going forward I’ll be adding a new beer whenever I finish six of whatever it is I’m drinking.  This week we’ll have the participation of a (finally) healthy Mrs. Beer, and we’ll be sampling Budweiser American Ale.

I was really excited about this one…I’ve always been a fan of the Budweiser brand beers (in spite of them not being American anymore) and for whatever reason just never noticed this one until now.  As you can see from the picture, these run $6.47/six pack.

From Wikipedia:  

Budweiser American Ale is an American-style amber ale produced by Anheuser-Busch under its Budweiser brand. Introduced in September 2008, American Ale is meant to appeal to beer enthusiasts who are looking for a more complex flavor than the popular Budweiser lager.  It has 5.3% alcohol by volume and is widely available across the United States. A 3.2% alcohol by weight version is available in select states as determined by local laws.

The packaging suggests drinking it at a temperature of 45° F, but we keep the fridge at 38° F because we like our drinks cold.  And besides, I’ve never known a beer that wasn’t at its best when it’s ice cold. 

Evidently, it is brewed with only American ingredients, which Mrs. Beer and I appreciate.  It boasts of a “sweet, malty, citrus flavor, with a hoppy finish”…whatever the hell that means.

Truth be told, at first sip I thought it had some promise, but the more I drank, the less I enjoyed.  Mrs. Beer had the opposite experience – she thought the first taste was terrible, with way too much bite.  However, she admits that it got a little better after warming up a touch, although she still only finished half the bottle (that’s being generous).

Maybe my thoughts will change by the end of the sixer (I don’t believe Mrs. Beer will be braving this one again), but it doesn’t strike me as a beer that I’ll ever crave and may never even buy again.  But, hey – that’s why we’re doing this experiment, right?  It has a slightly, almost metallic aftertaste.  Delicious.

To be fair, it’s not horrible.  But, it’s definitely missing something.  Since I’ve only been drinking it out of the bottle, tomorrow Mrs. Beer and I will be shopping for some beer glasses (yes, I know how horrible that is and I am ashamed to admit that we currently don’t own a single beer glass), so we’ll see if that makes the difference.

Anybody out there tried it yet?  Thoughts?  I’ll be back tomorrow with my thoughts from the glass.

Mr. Beer


2 thoughts on “New Beer: Budweiser American Ale

  1. I’ve spent the better part of the day thus far trying to prepare/ convince myself to give this beverage another chance once we purchase our beer glasses… still working on it…

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