Rolling Rock and Downtown Columbia

Mrs. Beer was feeling slighty better yesterday; well enough for us to head downtown to celebrate our friend Lauren’s birthday (the big 2-5). We started the evening at Pawleys Front Porch in 5 Points and I told Lauren about our little experiment. She’d never had Rolling Rock before so I was pretty pumped about my first “guest opinion” – until we ordered.

Pawleys doesn’t have Rolling Rock, which I find bizzare. Seriously, who doesn’t carry Rolling Rock?

So I was stuck with my old friend Jack (Daniels, that is) for the night, not that I’m complaining. We eventually made our way up to Salty Nut, but by that point I was in no mood to change up my beverage and simply stuck with Jack. Salty Nut did have RR in stock, but I forgot to ask how much it was.

Mrs. Beer and I are doing dinner and a movie (Transformers) tonight, so we’ll hopefully hit a restaurant that serves Rolling Rock, and the first judgement will come tomorrow.

Mr. Beer


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