Beer In a Green Bottle


Mrs. Beer is feeling a little better today, but isn’t quite ready to partake in our little experiment.  Maybe tomorrow…

Anyways, I’ve always thought there was something about beer in a green bottle that makes it taste better, and Rolling Rock is no exception.  That being said, check out this little tidbit I found from

Green-Bottled Beer:
Green bottles are a marketing gimmick designed to convey a “premium” image, but they are bad for beer flavor. Unlike their brown brothers, green bottles can’t stop the light-induced reaction that produces skunky aroma and flavor in beer. The effect is so common that many consumers now accept it and may even complain when it is not present. Those who prefer to avoid it should buy from closed case boxes that have never been exposed to light or stick to draft products.

I find that interesting.  Anyways, the Rolling Rock went ok with Moe’s tonight…I would have much preferred a XX or Corona, but it sufficed.  Tomorrow night we have our friend Lauren’s birthday party, so I’ll give a wrap up of beer selection at wherever it is we end up on Saturday, and Rolling Rock’s official judgement will be posted on Sunday.

Mr. Beer


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