Wednesday Update

A quick update tonight, as Mrs. Beer is still sick and I’m playing Doctor Beer. Rolling Rock does NOT go well with Nestle Cookie Cakes. We had one in the office for Maria’s birthday and I ate a piece before I left…and drank a RR 20 minutes later. Not a good combo.

It does make a nice after dinner beer though. We had Lizard’s Thicket so it was quite filling. Rolling Rock on the other hand is anything but filling. Give it a shot next time you’re full.

See you tomorrow.

Mr. Beer


2 thoughts on “Wednesday Update

  1. Looking forward to a “South of the Border” Beer week in which you debate the merits or Dos Equis, Tecate, Corona(blah), and my favorite (and cheapest) Sol.

    Noticed the store did not have Sol…. give it a try.

    1. Great call on Sol PA. I haven’t had it since a cruise in Cozumel back in 2001, but I remember (sort of) drinking a lot of it at Carlos and Charlie’s. I’ve added it to the beer log as I’m sure I can find it somewhere.

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