Beer of the Week: Rolling Rock


So, this week we are going to be drinking Rolling Rock. Mrs. Beer is out sick for the day, so I’m only going to have one tonight. Hopefully, she’ll be feeling better tomorrow so I can share her thoughts on it, as this isn’t one she would call a “nasty beer.”

I had to buy a 12-pack, as the store didn’t have a sixer. It cost me $13.59, so it wasn’t cheap, which I find interesting considering you can actually buy 12 for less cash (before tip, that is) at the bar. It is 4.6% alcohol by content.

Hat tip to Marcia from my office today for the pick this week. Before our office meeting this afternoon, I asked my coworkers to write down a beer brand and I picked our inaugural BOTW out of a bowl.

I used to love this beer and drank it pretty frequently my first freshman year of college. (And, yes, you did read that correctly – I red-shirted a year… maybe it had something to do with my enjoyment of RR…) The old Pub on Santee used to do $1 Rolling Rocks on Friday to go along with free pool. I miss that place… Anyways, it can give you a nasty hangover to be sure, so drink it in moderation.

From Wikipedia:

Rolling Rock is a brand of pale lager beer. Although founded as a local beer in Western Pennsylvania, it was marketed aggressively and eventually became a national product. The brand was sold to Anheuser-Busch of St. Louis, Missouri, in mid-2006, which transferred brewing operations to New Jersey.

I was hoping Anheuser-Busch would keep the brewing operation in Latrobe when they bought it to keep that aura going. It almost adds to the taste when you think that it’s coming from a local brewery with glass lined tanks. But considering that Anheuser-Busch isn’t even an American company anymore, what can you do….

The “33” on the bottle symolizes the number of words in the company slogan.

It goes down smooth and has a distinct taste about it. It’s a delicious beer and you could almost call it a light beer (even though there is a Rolling Rock Light). It’s a brand that would go over well in warmer weather, say, on a 98 degree day in South Carolina. It’s extremely drinkable and very refreshing, although as I mentioned above, drink it in moderation because it will make your head pound after a few too many.

I’ll be back tomorrow and have a few more. Hopefully Mrs. Beer will join us.

Mr. Beer


7 thoughts on “Beer of the Week: Rolling Rock

  1. Great first choice. I have been inspired by your work to try more beers myself. It should give me a break from Gin and Tequila (great sources of alcohol that do not mix well together).

  2. Never really liked Rolling Rock that much. Of course I haven’t drank it that much. I’m interested to see the final results…

  3. Which store did you survey? Some stores carry more variety than others. You may be short changing yourself.

    1. Bear,

      I’m keeping the store surveyed anonymous for reasons to be disclosed at a later date.

      Any suggestions for additions to the list will be considered. Post a comment on the beer log and we’ll consider it.

      Mr. Beer

  4. As for Rolling Rock – Here is a thought – “Why don’t I piss in a “green” bottle and call it “PISSNERS”

    NEWSFLASH . . . …. . . . . . …..

    Love your work Mr. Beer, Keep it up

  5. In the book, “Eat This, Not That”, Rolling Rock is on the “Drink This” side. Overall calorie/carb/alcohol content ranked better than Bud Light. Good first choice bro.

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