I was in the grocery store on Saturday picking up some beer for our Fourth of July celebration.  We needed to have some extras on hand in case we had some additional guests (or our guests drank a little more than expected, which is saying something since we know how much they normally drink) and I drew the short straw.

As I was staring into the beer fridge, I looked around and was surprised at how many I hadn’t tried before or hadn’t tried in so long that it seemed I hadn’t tried them before.  It got me curious.  Then, this morning, I was glancing through the Rivals Mainboard and saw a pretty intense debate going on about which beer is better: Coors Light, Miller Lite, or Bud Light.

So, I decided to find out for myself.  Only I’m not limiting it to just those three.  Over the next few months I plan on sampling every single beer in the beer section of the grocery store.  I will be purchasing a 6-pack of a new beer brand each week and I intend to drink all six (Mrs. Beer may decide to participate some, too, although I doubt she’ll try the ‘nasty ones’ as she puts it).  I’ll give you my initial thoughts and follow-up comments on each beer as I work my way through the six pack.  Once I’ve made it through all six, I’ll rate the price, taste, drinkability (hat tip to Budweiser for that word), and alcohol content.  If I find a nice food pairing with it, you’ll be the first to know (see Bud Light and Lay’s Salt and Vinegar). 

For full disclosure, the beer of choice in my family has always been Bud Light.  It is currently in the fridge right now, and I am drinking one as I type.  It goes quite nicely with Lay’s Salt and Vinegar Chips (Mrs. Beer likes it more so with Cheetos Puffs) and makes a delicious after-work snack.  I even converted my wife – she used to be a die-hard Miller Lite girl.  We’ll see how or if that has changed once this endeavor is complete… Please feel free to comment on posts or send me an email at abeerguyblog@gmail.com.  You can also follow me on Twitter at http://twitter.com/abeerguy.  I’m still learning how to use that, so please bear with me.

Tomorrow, I plan on going to the grocery store and cataloging all of the beers they have in stock.  I will pick one to start off with at random (unless Mrs. Beer gets her way), and list the others so that we can keep track and don’t double back.

Thanks for reading,

Mr. Beer


One thought on “Welcome!

  1. God bless you. I will be closely following your study. If you ever need any “guest” analysis, I would be honored to provide my personal expertise.

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